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Finoa is a location introduced in Monster Girl Quest Paradox, located south-east of Grand Noah.


A quiet village that resides near the sea, Finoa is merely another place that has been affected by the ongoing war. There isn't much to do here, but if you need a place to restock after traveling across the seas and before going to Grand Noah, Finoa is the place to go.

This place is also the key area of the Collaboration Scenario for chapter 2 and 6, as the village falls victim to a twisted game organized by a succubus named Myusca, supported by her partners Nemea and Vinum who trapped everyone into a maze to feast on them. They also brought in Lampas and Spirit Fox who're mostly here to enjoy the numerous available preys.

Kazuya wakes up here without knowing why before hearing Myusca tell everyone about her game. As he progresses, he soon recruits a Lampas he accidentally burned and Hakunen, another hero from a different world. They meet Myusca, and are forced to flee when they realize they're completely outclassed. More villagers fall prey to Myusca, who stops chasing the hero for fun for a moment, and a disgusted Spirit Fox joins the party. After a while, the White Rabbit appears and explains the situation to the group. Eventually, they are forced to fight Myusca, and after barely managing to graze her, they're surprised by the presence of the "Proof of Collaboration" carried by heroes on her arm, and exploit her surprise to flee outside... To fall right on Vinum and Nemea feasting on villagers.

Fortunately, the two succubi decide to let the heroes be. When the group enters the next house, they meet Mukuro dolls that are acting mechanically. After escaping Nemea a few more times and sneaking past a passably bored Vinum, the party meets Kagetsumugi who is revealed to be the responsible for crafting those dolls. The puppeteer unleashes a stronger version that still presents signs of her old personality, and, after the party beats the doll back to her senses, Kagetsumugi leaves while Mukuro joins the party. The party is then chased by Vinum. As they're about to finally escape the village, they're blocked by Nemea and fight her. Unfortunately, they barely manage to hold her back before Vinum and Myusca arrives. Fortunately, Magatsu, Lauratt and Rigeo arrive to save them.

Luka and his companions show up late to the party, as everyone already left when they arrive, and they can only contemplate the grim remnants of the succubi's feast before Mephisto informs them that Grand Noah has been replaced by a large castle.

Myusca, Nemea and Vinum return there once the collab is complete. However, they don't attack the villagers, instead transforming a house to force heroes in debauched trials for their own amusement. After the heroes successfully cross them all, sometimes by breaking them, the succubi face the party and join them after being defeated. The village finally returns to peace afterward.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Amira Locations




Item Shop

Item Price
High-Quality Herb 100G
Boost Drink 50G
Phoenix Tail 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Eyedrops 15G
Echo Grass 20G
Restorative 20G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Lucky Mallet 30G
Holy Water 30G
Harpy Feather 15G
Thread of Guidance 35G

Accessory Shop

Item Price
Shoulder Pads 8000G
Charging Boots 6500G
Poison Crest 6000G
Blind Crest 6000G
Silence Crest 6000G
Confusion Crest 6000G
Sleep Crest 6000G
Paralysis Crest 6000G

Local Merchant

Item Price
Bok Choy 50G
Eggplant 50G
Radish 45G
Tomato 20G
Bell Pepper 45G
Corn 60G
Bread 35G

Treasure Chests


Hidden Items

  • Soft Tail
  • Crystal Shuriken
  • Tofu
  • Harpy Feather
  • High-Quality Herb
  • Kanipan
  • Restorative

Collaboration Scenario

Map of the area

Small Medal locations


Chapter 2

  • Rebellion-K (Shining Spot)
  • High-Quality Herb (Pot)
  • Red Fire Stone (Drawer)
  • High-Quality Herb (Pot)
  • Boost Drink (Pot)
  • High-Quality Herb (Barrel)
  • Mithril Helm
  • Red Fire Stone (Pot)
  • Strike Rod
  • Phoenix Tail (Pot)
  • High-Quality Herb (Pot)
  • Gun Scroll
  • Yamatai Sake (Pot)
  • Phoenix Tail (Barrel)
  • Battle Jacket
  • Panacea (Pot)
  • Elven Miracle Drug (Pot)
  • Boost Drink (Pot)
  • Falchion
  • Ultimate Herb (Pot)
  • Feather Shield
  • Camping Rucksack
  • Ultimate Herb (Pot)
  • Kaiser Knuckles
  • Yamatai Sake (Pot)
  • Ultimate Herb (Barrel)
  • Harp of Blessings
  • Lampas Drop (Barrel)
  • Marine Armor
  • De-Love Potion (Pot)

Chapter 6

  • Kappa Shield
  • Small Medal (Barrel)
  • Dragon Rod
  • Antidote Grass (Pot)
  • Orichalcum Harp
  • Dragon Whip
  • Restorative (Pot)
  • Crimson Buddha Gi
  • Elven Miracle Drug (Pot)
  • Bright White Holy Stone (Barrel)
  • Ultimate Herb (Barrel)
  • Magical Armor+
  • Blaze Penalty
  • Burst Drink (Barrel)
  • Orichalcum Claws
  • Dragon Robe
  • Phoenix Tail (Pot)

Post Collab

  • Seed of Power
  • Small Medal*2
  • Seed of Agility
  • Ultimate Herb
  • Life Nut
  • Elixir
  • Seed of Magic


Chapter 2

Item Price
Grade Sword 2000G
Kaiser Knuckles 1600G
Poison Rod 1900G
Fire Whip 5200G
Brigandine 1200G
Mithril Breastplate 1800G
White Robe 2200G
Royal Hat 900G
Mithril Circlet 1400G
Golden Tiara 1500G
Lightweight Shield 220G
Mithril Shield 1600G

Chapter 6

Item Price
Durandal 17000G
Orichalcum Claws 19200G
Orichalcum Fan 19000G
Blessed Miko Clothes 4600G
Buddha Gi 7600G
Dragon Robe 8400G
Black Hood 2400G
Orichalcum Circlet 9000G
Hypno Crown 5400G
Lightweight Shield 220G
Mithril Shield 1600G