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Ferme Sara
Mummy sara.png
Experiment AD-5 Angel Ghoul →
Level: 70
HP (Normal): 22000
Experience: 220000
Skills: Gaia's Handjob, Judgement Fellatio, Isis's Lovemaking, Ancient Sexual Style: Burial, Ancient Sexual Style: Rape
Area: Biolabs
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: frfr

Ferme Sara is a zombie monster found in La Croix's Biolab. Apparently a mummy, she was the corpse of a previous Sabasa princess.

Monsterpedia Entry

"An undead mummy type created by La Croix to act as a guard. More than just a normal mummy, she was created out of the corpse of a past princess of Sabasa, a descendant of Sphinx. She possesses very high physical and magical abilities, and is quite intelligent for a Mummy. Despite this, she was vowed complete obedience to La Croix.

All disposal of intruders has been left up to Ferme Sara. Without exception, all men are drained dry of semen. The former princess rapes men with her famed vagina, quickly draining them dry."


Gaia's Handjob: Normal attack that damages thrice.

Judgement Fellatio: Normal attack that damages thrice and triggers Paralysis.

Isis's Lovemaking: Normal attack that damages thrice and triggers Trance.

Ancient Sexual Style: Burial: Triggers bind status. Subsequent uses deals damage and has drain properties.

Ancient Sexual Style: Rape: Bound attack that leads to a one-hit KO via instant follow-up.

Battle Overview

This fight is quite similar to Sara's, though without the dual access of Sylph and Gnome. She has both a Trance and a Paralysis attack, so Sylph can be handy, but she also has a one-hit KO bind attack, so Gnome may be a better choice. Alice's Word of Dispel is best used for Omega Blaze.

If Luka loses, he'll be locked in her coffin and sucked dry.


"The one who dried you up, is herself dried up... Dry, dry, dry... Is everything in this world drying up? Ferme Sara can use an instant kill technique when you're bound. The probability is low, but having Gnome to break free is a good idea. Abnormal statuses can be avoided with Sylph though, so the choice is yours. Also, outside of fire, the Monster Lord's skills aren't that effective. In addition, if you lose to a certain skill then there are additional insults awaiting... Why not go for some extra bandage service? Now go, oh brave Luka. It's your mission to prevent the drying out of anyone else..."


  • As a descendent of the Sphinx, Ferme Sara is one of the three users of Isis's Lovemaking, the other two being Sara and Sphinx herself.