Fallen Angel Dance

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The image becomes warped (distended) as Luka uses Fallen Angel Dance.
A secret skill to unify a holy wave and avoid attacks. It seems particularly effective against angels.
"Infallible and unfailing... The Dance of the Fallen!" - Luka

Fallen Angel Dance (堕天舞踏 Datenbutou) is a skill which Luka activates under the influence of holy power. When attacked, Luka will mysteriously evade it. The effect used briefly causes the screen to become warped (distended); it is essentially is a shorter version of the "sleep waves" as Luka is falling asleep in the beginning of the game just before he speaks with Goddess Ilias.

In Chapter 3, Luka finally awakens his angelic powers against Archangel Ranael and can use Fallen Angel Dance. This particular move is extremely effective against angels, however it is not effective against monsters unless they employ a status ailment. It has wind-like properties similar to Sylph; it functions the exact same way as Wind Protection (Sylph level 1). It is also effective when the enemy summons Gnomaren, using the wind to evade the enemy's slow earth attacks. Lastly, there are some cases where Luka must Guard while using Fallen Angel Dance in order to evade a powerful attack that has a preparation turn, risking defeat or extreme damage if either is not utilized..

After Luka regains Sylph by defeating Dominion Endiel, she will recognize Fallen Angel Dance as another "wind" inside of Luka and proceeds to merge her own wind with Fallen Angel Dance, enhancing the skill to Fallen Angel Dance: Gale (堕天舞踏・疾風 Datenbutou Shippuu). This skill can be activated through Sylph, and has the combined effect of Playful Wind and Fallen Angel Dance, which basically combines their summon-on animations and adds the effect of Luka's normal attacks never missing.

Once the worldwide seal affecting the spirit power is removed with Arc-En-Ciel's fall, Fallen Angel Dance: Gale is further upgraded, though the name of the skill doesn't change. As Sylph regains her full power once again, the skill now has the combined effect of Devastating Gale and Fallen Angel Dance, additionally allowing Luka's normal attacks to hit the enemy twice.


  • Oddly Fallen Angel Dance has very little effect against monsters aside from their status ailments, despite a sleeping Luka using it to effortlessly evade the attacks of Nanabi and Kraken, both being incredibly powerful monsters.
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