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Fairy's Island is a location in Monster Girl Quest Paradox. It is located alongside the south-west of Sabasa's coastline.


As one might expect from the name, Fairy's Island is home to many fairies as well as elves. The island is off limits to non-elves/fairies however, so stay off unless you want Elf Amazonesses or Trick Fairies after you. There are sometimes Carbuncle Girls who are on the prowl for invaders. Rarely, a Gigantic Girl will wake up and wander around, which isn't good for you, as they love to play with anyone they catch. At the center of the island, Queen Elf and Queen Fairy can be found, but they seem somewhat out of it... almost as if they aren't in control of their own actions...

Luka goes to Fairy's Island after four Monster Queens attacked a capital each. When the party arrives, the heroine notices the traces of a brainwashing aura drifting from the World Tree. Still, he knows that he must first knock some sense into the Queen Elf. After beating her, a duo of alraunes arrive with the order to dispose of the weakened duo. Once they've been beaten, Queen Elf finally notices the aura and deploys a barrier around the island. She can then be recruited under new conditions.

After the Collaboration Scenario, the trio of Mysteltainn, Ogretooth and Executioner can be found hanging at the entrance, as they considered it a good hiding spot.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations



Blacksmith (1)

Item Price
Prism Dagger 19800G
Prism Sword 30000G
Prism Rapier 28400G
Prism Lance 34000G
Prism Katana 36000G
Prism Ninja Sword 28000G
Prism Claws 28000G
Prism Fang 24000G
Prism Axe 35000G
Prism Hammer 32000G
Prism Scythe 24600G
Prism Staff 28600G
Prism Rod 28400G
Prism Bow 27600G
Prism Whip 32000G
Prism Harp 27600G
Prism Boomerang 31000G
Prism Flail 36000G
Prism Fan 27000G
Prism Kitchen Knife 26000G
Prism Abacus 20000G
Prism Scalpel 26000G
Prism Cards 26400G
Prism Plate 26000G
Prism Breastplate 19000G
Prism Armor 20000G
Prism Shell 16600G
Prism Helm 15000G
Prism Circlet 11000G
Prism Shield 17600G
Prism Shuriken 8000G

Blacksmith (2)

Created Used
Tempting Gauche Main Gauche:Wind, Attractive Petal, 1070G
Fractal Night Custom Fractal Custom, Pitch Black Fragment, 1650G
Perseus' Shining Sword Alondite Arc, Perseus Sword, Shining Feather, 1500G
Makina Bastard Dragon Bastard, Puppet Gear, 1560G
Plasma Rapier Prism Rapier, Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone, 1560G
Longinus Plasma Longinus, Sparking Yellow Thunder Stone, 2050G
Yami Fubuki:Aqua Yami Fubuki, Ocean Coral, 1300G
Iris Prism Prism Claws, Iris Cell Culture, 1700G
Night Fang Prism Fang:Earth, Pitch Black Fragment, 1800G
Minotaur Breaker Heavy Minotaur Axe, Large Horn, 1400G
Miracle Hammer Rehabilative Hammer, Spirit Acorn, 1400G
Dark Club:Zero Dark Club:Burst, Large Horn, 1440G
Holy Taoist Scythe Taoist Exorcist Scythe, Large Horn, 1440G
Holy Sorcerer Holy Rod:Double, Spirit Acorn, 1200G
Prism Bow:Lust Prism Bow, Bewitching Tail, 1550G
Iris Killer Dogma Killer, Iris Cell Culture, 1800G
Gleipnir:Lust Gleipnir, Bewitching Tail, 1300G
Iris Harp Orichalcum Harp, Iris Cell Culture, 950G
Spirit Fish Tentarang Poison Fish, Tentarang, Spirit Acorn, 1350G
Surge Fan Orichalcum Fan, Ocean Coral, 1200G
Surgeon Blade:Iris Surgeon Blade Y, Iris Cell Culture, 1600G
Salome Flower Plate Salome Plate, Attractive Petal, 1280G
Magical Girl Musket Miracle Musket, Puppet Gear, 4600G
Drain Tail Medusa Hand, Attractive Petal, 1800G
Makina Hand Drain Tail, Pepper Gear, 2400G
Enrikan Beirun Enrikan++++, Shining Feather, 450G
Mysterious Breastplate Orichalcum Breastplate, Mysterious Scale, 770G
Machine God Armor Magical Armor+, Puppet Gear, 750G
Orichalcum Armor+ Orichalcum Armor, Insect Shell, 700G
Maximum Brave Brave Armor, Mysterious Scale, 920G
Mysterious Shell Orichalcum Shell, Mysterious Scale, 770G
Vampire Robe Black Robe, Pitch Black Fragment, 660G
Princess Tears Princess Dress, Magic Crystallized Tears, 350G
Magical Bustier Succubus Bustier, Attractive Petal, 350G
Great Pirate Helm Pirate Helm, Ocean Coral, 740G
Orichalcum Helm+ Orichalcum Helm, Insect Shell, 620G
Tiera of Tears Hypno Crown, Magic Crystallized Tears, 400G
Shine Deflector Feather Shield, Shining Feather, 350G
Orichalcum Shield+ Orichalcum Shield, Insect Shell, 730G

Accessory Shop

Item Price
Life Ring 15000G
Holy Ring 15000G
Dusk Ring 15000G
Fire Symbol 10000G
Ice Symbol 10000G
Lightning Symbol 10000G
Wind Symbol 10000G
Earth Symbol 10000G
Water Symbol 10000G
Sonic Symbol 10000G
Bio Symbol 10000G

Treasure Chests

  • Seed of Magic*2
  • Small Medal
  • Magic Crystalized Tear
  • Elf Slayer Talisman
  • Blustery Green Wind Stone
  • Spirit Acorn
  • 12000 Gold
  • Rumbling Orange Earth Stone
  • Medusa Hand
  • Plant Status Scroll
  • Princess Dress
  • Divine Miracle Drug
  • Whip Medal
  • Secret Spear Scroll
  • Salome Plate
  • Blazing Red Fire Stone

Hidden Items