A trio of fairies

Fairies are the smallest race of monsters in the Monster Girl Quest setting. They resemble small humans with wings, and are associated with nature.


Most fairies are small and have insectoid wings, with some also having antennae. There are exceptions, such as the Jack O Lantern and the Brownies, who instead resemble humans. Due to their small size, fairies are physically frail, though they compensate for this by being very quick and good with magic. Fairies specialize in the three natural elements (water, wind and earth).

Fairies generally live and play in groups. They are extremely curious and optimistic. They love being mischievous and playing pranks, and are known to even venture into human villages to play tricks on the humans.

Although fairies drink semen (like other monsters), the majority of their nutrition comes from the various nectar and honey found in flowers. They are also known to eat sunflower seeds.

It’s said that many men are unable to even see fairies. Devout believers in Ilias are said to be included among those who cannot see fairies. Due to that, fairies are assumed to only be seen by those with weak faith.

There are different types of fairies all over the world. Sylph is a fairy and a member of the Four Spirits. The ruler of fairies is the Queen Fairy.


  • A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore.
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