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Experiment AD-5
Experiment AD-5.png
Laplace Ferme Sara →
Level: 40
HP (Normal): 7000
Experience: 0
Skills: None
Area: Biolabs
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: Setouchi

Experiment AD-5 is a chimera created by La Croix, in an attempt to combine both monster and angel sources into one organism. She has relatively low combat capability and is not fought by Luka; rather, she is completely obliterated by the upgraded Frederika Mark II. Though a weak combatant, data from her was used to create a more powerful hybrid; Angel Ghoul.

Monsterpedia Entry

"A zombie created by La Croix out of the corpse of an angel. An incomplete monster created at the very start of her research into using angels in her necromantic research. Her body is covered in bandages and charms in order to stop the rapid degradation of her body. She is currently being fed a constant diet of human semen, so that changes in her mental and physical state can be recorded.

Since she was an early creation, both her physical and mental power are low. But data obtained from her experiments have led to improvements in later angelic zombies."


  • In Monster Girl Quest Paradox she can be fought in the Ilias Temple Ruins and Devastated Plains