Evaluation Meeting is one of the returning features in Monster Girl Quest Paradox and an important role in the Main Story


The evaluation system returns with brand new snark from Ilias. As usual Goddess Ilias will insult Luka for losing to monsters and such, however that doesn't stop her from giving Luka pointers and hints on how to beat them, informing him of their strengths and weaknesses while recommending specific characters.

You can get more information about the Evaluation Meeting if you talk to a guard in Iliasville, he explains that if a hero dies, he would reincarnate at the last place he prayed, but he dismisses it almost immediately as "that someone would have to be seriously blessed by Ilias".

On her route, Ilias asked Luka whether he knows about the Evaluation Meeting. If he answered he has been there everytime, then Ilias replies that the Return Soul Network is still functional.

On Part 2 it is revealed that the Evaluation Meeting has been taken over in the Monster World, and is used as a type of portal to other dimensions for souls to be transported should people in this world die, and fuse with their selves there. That explains how the Lilith sisters managed to travel to this world.


Contrary to the original trilogy,

  • She cannot do evaluations against Reaper, and proceeds to restart like a computer.
  • She doesn't know anything about Zion or Gnosis, as they come from another world, and creates an evaluation on the go.
  • She does identify apoptosis through an ID code.
  • Against Adramelech, the apoptosis intervenes after the evaluation, and declares that the goddess must be eliminated for initiating a class two world contact.
  • In her penultimate evaluation, she tells Luka it will be the last evaluation she gives him before leaving, but that another copy of Goddess Ilias will come and do it instead from now on.
  • The Goddess Ilias who does the last evaluation is the one done by Ilias redrawn by Akazawa Red, highlighting that it is a new one indeed.
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