Eri (エリィ, Eryi) is a Battle Fucker in Iliasburg.


Eri does 80 damage during BF, she gives a Wind Amulet on victory and becomes available for recruitment as a companion.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Eri: “Do you even need me with your strength?”

Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:
Eri: “I might be famous one day…”

Eri is practising her signature.

2nd Action:
Eri: “Please eat this…”

Eri gives you a gift!

You obtain some Bread!

3rd Action:
Eri: “Like this… *suck* *suck* *slurp*”

Eri sucks on her finger, wet and loudly!

Luka unintentionally reacts!

Luka has become horny! (Horny status)

4th Action:
Eri: “Good luck everyone!”

Eri cheers on the others. Their morale rises! (Attack and Magic increased!)

5th Action:
Spot: “Woof, woof, I’m hungry…”

Eri: “Oh my… here, help yourself.”

Eri is giving food to a passing dog girl.


  • She shares her Japanese name with Ellie.
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