Located on the west exit of the Lost Woods. This town is an interesting one, as it's hidden and isolated from others, and the locals would like to keep it that way. Unless you've got reasons to be here, don't expect any of the local businesses to give you the time of day as that would promote tourism which they don't want! Perhaps with a bit of negotiations the people here might have a change of heart... Micaela used to lived here before she passed away. In the original timeline Luka first met her in Enrika but was insisted that he should carry on his travels until they meet again in Chapter 3 of Monster Girl Quest.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Amira Locations



Created Used
Iron Sword++ Iron Sword+, Fragment of Chaos, 75G
Element Custom Custom Sword+, Fire Stone, Ice Stone, Thunder Stone, 85G
Fire Claws Golden Claws, Fire Stone, 72G
Ice Claws Golden Claws, Ice Stone, 72G
Lightning Claws Golden Claws, Thunder Stone, 72G
Rumbling Axe Golden Axe, Fragment of Chaos, 118G
Therapeutic Hammer Golden Hammer, Mysterious Acorn, 105G
Lightning Staff Golden Staff, Thunder Stone, 88G
Fire Rod Golden Rod, Fire Stone, 85G
Ice Rod Golden Rod, Ice Stone, 85G
Thunder Rod Golden Rod, Thunder Stone, 85G
Healing Rod Golden Rod, Mysterious Acorn, 95G
Fire Bow Golden Bow, Fire Stone, 88G
Ice Bow Golden Bow, Ice Stone, 88G
Lightning Bow Golden Bow, Thunder Stone, 88G
Elven Harp Golden Harp, Stone of Solidified Tears, 104G
Fish Boomerang x Custom Fish Boomerang+, Mysterious Acorn, 95G
Fairy Abacus Golden Abacus, Mysterious Acorn, 128G
Musket+ Musket, Fragment of Chaos, 150G
Elven Breastplate Golden Breastplate, Stone of Solidified Tears, 87G
Healing Robe Silk Robe, Mysterious Acorn, 50G
Hades Circlet Golden Circlet, Stone of Chaos, 60G
Tranquil Tiara Beautiful Tiara, Stone of Solidified Tears, 68G
Flame Shield Golden Shield, Fire Stone, 58G
Frost Shield Golden Shield, Ice Stone, 58G

Hidden Items

  • Mysterious Acorn
  • High-Quality Herb
  • Stone of Solidified Tears
  • Banana
  • Enrikan Hat
  • Yamatai Sake
  • Ama Ama Dango
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