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Enrika (エンリカ Enrika?) is location in Monster Girl Quest. It is a village on the southernmost part of the Ilias continent, inhabited by elves and the fallen angel Micaela.


Enrika appears as a quiet village surrounded by a huge forest. It is generally believed to be a trading location, however in truth it is a hideout for pacifist monsters, mostly comprised of elves; the trading location is merely a guise. Marcellus is said to have brought monsters to this safe haven, while Micaela currently serves as the village's head. Dark Elves are known to patrol this area, keeping humans out. The village is known for goods such as the Enrikan Shirt.


Luka and Alice approach Enrika in Chapter 1, with the former being attacked by its dark elf guards. After fighting through them, they encounter Micaela, who demonstrates that she knows about Luka's mother and father. However, she tells him to turn back. After leaving, Alice senses something amiss and is led to believe that Enrika is an isolated elf village.

In Chapter 3, Luka returns to Enrika, now under siege by Ilias' wrathful angelic and chimera army, but Luka and Alice as well as the elf defenders manage to repulse some of the invaders. Micaela arrives, and her aura causes the remaining invaders to retreat. Micaela reveals that she transported the majority of the villagers from Ilias Village to Enrika, and also reveals her true identity and the purpose of the village.


Monster Girl Quest - Enrika

Monster Girl Quest - Enrika

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