This page serves as a list of inconsistencies and errors between Rogue’s translation of Monster Girl Quest. This article is not meant in order to downplay Rogue’s translation ability, but instead point out various inconsistencies and errors within the translation which will hopefully be fixed by later patches of the game.

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Aqua Pentagram/Pentagon

When first used by Kraken, it is called "Aqua Pentagram", but when used by Undine, it says "Aqua Pentagon" instead.

Concentrate Magic/Magic Concentration

In the first Alice battle, she uses “Concentrate Magic”, but in the second battle, it says “Magic Concentration”.

Giganto Weapon’s Monsterpedia Entry

The entry reads “Discovered unmoving in an unused portion portion of the castle her creator is unknown”. Portion should not be used twice.


Before meeting her, she’s always referred to as Poseidon, but when met, her name changes to Poseidoness.

Golem Girl’s Monsterpedia Entry

The last line says “either the King nor the citizens knowledge” which is grammatically incorrect and should be “neither the king’s nor the citizens’ knowledge”.


Deana is misnamed “Diana” during the game's epilogue.

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