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Emily is a mini boss encountered in the second part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox alongside her mother Cassandra.


She can be seen in her home with Cassandra as their deformed form and ask Luka to defeat Candy and get their powers back.

After completing the task of beating up Candy and restoring Emily and Cassandra’s power to them, they run off to the poison swamp, eager to win the Magical Girl selection tournament happening there as a mother/daughter duo. After knocking some sense into them, they join without further trouble.

Monsterpedia Entry

“Daughter to Cassandra, she’s a monster from the Scylla line. Though she is still a young girl, she boasts both powerful magical and physical ability.

Despite her carefree manner, she is surprisingly cruel. She loves to use her tentacles to play with men until they die. It’s unknown how many have been killed by Emily. Using her tentacles to bind the male, she enjoys playing with them as she watches their agonised expressions. This will continue until Emily grows bored of them, where she will then quickly finish them off.

Her mother; Cassandra, has the genes of many different families of monsters within her. The Scylla genes took dominant control in Emily during Cassandra’s pregnancy.”


  • Attack – One Foe,
  • Tentacle Blast – All Foes, Physical Attribute
  • Tentacle Storm – 4 Random Foes, Physical Attribute
  • Emily’s Handjob – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Emily’s Fellatio – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Emily's Toy – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute, 3 Hits
  • Emily's Toy – One Foe (F), Pleasure Attribute, 3 Hits
  • Twin Tail Rondo – One Foe (F), Physical Attribute, Bind 50%
  • Tentacle Bind – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute, Bind (2 Turn Break)
  • Tentacle Waltz – One Foe (Luka, Bound), Pleasure Attribute, 3 Hits
  • Sparkle☆ – All Foes, Auto Hit, Stun 75%, Seduce 25%, +800 Speed
  • Bull’s Eye Song – All Allies, Hit Rate +200% for 6 turns
  • Soft Body – Self Buff, Physical Damage Halved for 4 turns.


Fought with her mother Cassandra. She's the weaker of the two, although she still remains a powerful, dangerous support. As a rule of thumb, dispel can prevent this fight from turning into a disaster: Her Bull's Eye song counters any much-needed invasion increase, and that's not considering the support her ally brings on the table.

Luckily, Emily can easily be affected by the trifecta blind/silence/confusion, completely neutralizing her. Both are weak to lightning attacks, so fire away.


“Killed by a young girl’s tentacles this time? If you love tentacles that much, would you like me to reincarnate you as an octopus? Emily uses physical and Pleasure attacks with her tentacles. The most troublesome thing about her are her songs which can cause status ailments… Aside from being weak to Lightning, Blind, Confusion and Silence are also effective against her. She’s also easily inflicted with Mini so you can try that as well. Now go, oh Brave Luka. You must defeat the mother and daughter to stop any more people from becoming victims.”

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