A typical elf, found in the Forest of Spirits

Elves are a race of monsters in the Monster Girl Quest setting, notable for their pointed ears.


Elves resemble humans to a great extent, only being distinguishable by their pointed ears. Most elves have pale skin, though dark elves instead have brown skin.

They are a peaceful race, only fighting in self-defense. They often consider themselves as guardians of nature. However, they rape those who do trespass on their lands. Though they use the pretext of punishment, in most cases it’s done for their own pleasure and enjoyment, or even for reproduction. Their sexual skill is very potent; the Queen Elf's power is said to rival a succubus's.

Normal elves are vegetarians and do not normally eat semen. However, if they do develop a taste for semen, they go through a process called Degeneration, becoming a dark elf. Dark elves are are generally more aggressive, even more sadistic, have an even greater libido, and are rendered incapable of reproduction. Dark elves are known to corrupt men by using their infamous Kiss of Ecstasy skill to drown him in pleasure and then force him to ejaculate. Once a man gives in to their pleasure, he becomes corrupted just like the dark elf, forgetting everything except pleasure. When this happens, the man may single-mindedly have sex with the dark elf to the point where he may die.

Elves are seemingly native to the Forest of Spirits, the Safina region until humans drove them out, and Yamatai Village. Many elves have also fled to Enrika, a peaceful village for all races who wish to escape the conflict between humans and monsters.


  • Elves are a type of human-shaped supernatural beings in Germanic mythology and folklore.
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