Ilias is damaged by Luka's Element Spica.

Concentrate the power of the Four Spirits into your right arm. A devastating technique taught by Heinrich.
"The power of the Four Spirits, in my hand!" - Luka

Element Spica (エレメントスピカ Eremento Supika) is a toned down version of Quadruple Giga. One of Heinrich's unique skills, it uses the four elements simultaneously to attack. Luka witnesses firsthand during his second visit to the Sealed Sinner’s Prison, but does not gain the ability to use it until Doppel Luka begins countering all of the original Luka's skills.

Using 9 SP, it deals roughly 10,000~15,000 burst damage. Unlike Quadruple Giga, it does not cancel the spirits and does not need to charge up to use. However, unlike other elemental Cursed Sword skills, Element Spica's damage is not boosted by the amount of spirits set up. Overall, the damage is rather low for a high SP cost skill, with other skills being more cost-effective when empowered by their respective elements.

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