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Elder Succubus
Elder Succubus.png
Behemoth Yao →
Level: 57
HP (Normal): 9500
Experience: 120000
Skills: Semen Squeezecraft, Male Dominating Footcraft, Draining Blowjob, Male Squeezing Titcraft, Kiss of Ecstasy, Succubus Mount, Energy Drain, Succubus Hold, Voracious Monster Bellybutton
Area: Monster Lord’s Castle
Appears in: Chapter 2 & 3
Artist: Masha

The Elder Succubus is a monster that resides in the Monster Lord’s Castle. Being one of the strongest succubi, she is exceptionally skilled with magic and seductive abilities, making her extremely dangerous. She made no appearance in Monster Girl Quest Paradox despite living on the same castle 500 years ago during Black Alice's reign but it was probably because Alice the 16th wasn't born yet at that time.

Monsterpedia Entry

“Considered powerful even among the most powerful of Succubi, she is at the peak of her race in ability. With her intense magical power and seductive skills, normal humans are unable to remain sane when in her presence. Losing their reason, they quickly descend into complete carnal desire, desiring only to be raped by her.

The Elder Succubus uses her entire body as a weapon to squeeze her prey completely dry. Her hands, mouth, feet, vagina, thighs… Even her bellybutton can easily force a man to come. Her bellybutton in particular is able to give a unique unbearable pleasure second only to her vagina.

Incredibly prideful, she is cold-hearted when it comes to her prey. Once she has forced a man to orgasm once, there is no future left for him but to become her prey.”


Semen Squeezecraft: Normal attack.

Male Dominating Footcraft: Normal attack.

Draining Blowjob: Normal attack with drain properties.

Male Squeezing Titcraft: Normal attack.

Kiss of Ecstasy: Status attack which causes trance and damage.

*Succubus Mount: Triggers bind status and leads immediately to Energy Drain.

Energy Drain: Binded attack with drain properties which leads to a one hit KO via instant follow-up.

*Succubus Hold: Triggers bind status. Leads to Voracious Monster Bellybutton on the next turn.

Voracious Monster Bellybutton: Binded attack with drain properties which leads to a one hit KO via instant follow-up.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Being the first monster of the Monster Lord’s Castle, she can be quite troublesome. She has her Kiss of Ecstasy trance and two binds, necessitating the use of Sylph and Gnome.

If Luka loses, she’ll rape him using her pussy, not relenting until his death. If he is defeated by Voracious Monster Bellybutton, he will ejaculate continuously into her stomach as she sucks him dry.


“You march into the Monster Lord's Castle. You see a Succubus. You instantly lose. Why am I not surprised by this any longer? Just why did you even bother to come here? A powerful Succubus, she can use various techniques that will instantly defeat you. Summon Sylph to evade these quick losses. In addition, if you don't break free right away from her bind, you will be defeated by an embarrassing move. If you don't have Sylph and Gnome both up, you're risking an instant death at any point. Now go, oh brave Luka. Only powerful enemies await in the Monster Lord's Castle, so never let your guard down.”