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A daring move that sharply decreases Luka's HP. The slightest touch might set Luka off when he's on the edge.
"Even at the edge, I won’t falter!"Luka

Edging is a unique skill introduced in a Chapter 2 patch. Requiring 0 SP, Luka’s HP decreases to 1, however it will be his turn again.

Because his health is lowered dramatically, one attack can simply set off an ejaculation. This technique is merely a joke by the developers and is another way for Luka to lose instantly besides Surrender and Request.

Edging is not taught to Luka; he possesses it at the beginning of the game, but only if Chapter 2 or Chapter 3 is installed. If the game is a Chapter 1 only version, the skill is unattainable. Notably, none of the characters mention Edging.


  • A few scripted attacks do not cause Luka’s immediate loss when Edging is used before them, instead leaving Luka’s HP at 0. These are:
    • Goblin Girl’s Earth Crashing Goblin, Goblin Insertion, and Goblin Tighten, resulting three turns of Luka stuck at 0 HP. After the three attacks, he finally loses to her Super Tightening.
    • Bee Girl’s Sweet Honey. The next attack will cause him to lose.
  • When used, the sprite of the opponent changes to the low-health face (if they have one), that is, the face that she changes to after she has mocked Luka that he will almost come. However, there is no dialogue by the opponent when this happens.