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Earth Rumbling Decapitation.png

Bring in the earth's power for a deadly blow from above. Incredibly powerful, it's usable without jumping off something. Moreover, power is increased if Gnome is summoned.
“After listening to her explain it as I practice, I slowly get the hang of it. After I jump into the air, I fill myself with the power of the earth to drastically magnify my weight as I come down. Basically, it's combining Demon Skull Beheading with the power of the earth....” - Luka
“The skill works more or less the same as Demon Skull Beheading. But now you don't need to climb anything to use it. In addition, if you have Gnome summoned, the power will be much stronger.” - Alice
“The one who developed this skill was a Minotauros who wielded an axe. But you should be able to use it with no issue with a sword. As the story goes, the legendary axe wielding Minotauros raged across the battlefield decapitating all of her enemies... ...Stacking those heads into a set of stairs to scale the enemy's walls...” - Alice

Earth Rumbling Decapitation (壊斧・大山鳴動 Kaihu Taizanmeidou) replaces Demon Skull Beheading when Luka learns it. Alice teaches this skill to him on their way to Gold Volcano. It uses the force and weight of the earth to deliver a crushing blow.

This skill is essentially a more powerful version of Demon Skull Beheading, in which the skill is no longer terrain based, and Gnome being summoned can increase its damage. Like its predecessor, it costs 3 SP to use.

Despite replacing Demon Skull Beheading, Luka is forced to resort to that skill after defeating Archangel Ariel, as Promestein disables his elements, but is soon replaced by Heavenly Demon Revival while fighting Archangel Ranael.


  • Earth Rumbling Decapitation is the only Cursed Sword skill whose founder was not named in the English patch.
    • In the original Japanese, the game does refer to the minotaurus girl as "Minohta (ミノータ)". For whatever reason, her name was rendered merely as "minotaurus" in the patch.
  • This is the only Cursed Sword skill that used an axe instead of a variety of sword.
  • Aside from Granberia, Tamamo is also capable of using this skill, though this is due to her affinity to the earth element.
  • Like the other sword skills learned in Chapter 2, the Japanese name for this technique uses a pattern of two characters, describing a weapon and modifier for it, followed by a four character idiomatic compound.
    • For this technique, the first two characters, "壊斧", individually translate to "demolition, axe".
    • The four character compound, 大山鳴動is an idiom meaning "much to do about nothing". More literally though, the characters individually translate to "tall, mountain, sound, shake", or in pairs translate as "tall mountain, rumbling". A comparable English idiom might be "making a mountain out of a mole hill". Rather than the character for earth, this compound uses the character for mountain.