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Main Universe
Alra Priestess Raffia →
Level: 38
HP (Normal): 3300
Experience: 15000
Skills: Sticky Hairs, Trichome Penis Torture, Venus Trap, Pilia Melt
Area: Plansect Village
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Setouchi

Dorothy is a carnivorous plant monster in Monster Girl Quest. She, along with her sisters Raffia and Deana, comprise the mercenary Canaan Sisters. They are responsible for instigating the war between the plants and insects of Plansect Village. Although she can naturally live off photosynthesis, she consumes others just for the sake of enjoyment.


Chapter 2

Dorothy appears after Luka has defeated Queen Alraune. They fight and Dorothy is defeated, followed shortly by her sisters, thus finally bringing the Plansect Village civil war to an end.

Chapter 3

After Goddess Ilias wages war against the humans and monsters, Dorothy along with her sisters return to aid in Plansect Village's defense, knowing that they have to fight against the angels or be doomed. However, even after the war, the Canaan Sisters refuse to accept coexistence, and are thus monitored very closely by the village.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A plant monster, she is also the youngest Canaan Sister. Taking after a venus flytrap, she is quite partial to the taste of meat. She particularly enjoys playing with human males as she slowly digests them, taunting and forcing them to ejaculate all the while. The sticky juices around her body allow her to start digesting her prey before she even swallows him. The pleasure received when dissolved by her juices is unbearable, forcing men to numerous orgasms as they begin to be digested. Due to her cruelty, she has eaten many men this way.

In addition to humans, she also eats insect monsters in the same way. During the war in Plansect Village, she is feared by the insects due to the amount of their brethren she has eaten.”


Sticky Hairs: Normal attack.

Trichome Penis Torture: Normal attack.

Venus Trap: Triggers bind status and deals damage.

Philia Melt: Triggers bind status and leads to a one-hit KO.

Battle Overview

Dorothy has two types of binds: Venus Flytrap, which is a regular bind; and Philia Melt, which is completely inescapable and results in Luka's doom. Because she is a plant monster, Sylph will help stave off damage and avoid the binds.

If Luka loses, Dorothy clings onto him and sticks his penis into her vagina while spreading her digestive juices over his body. Afterward, he is eaten.


“Food for a plant... Do you want to give up your humanity to become an insect? Dorothy's most annoying attack is "Philia Melt". If you take this, you will instantly lose. But Sylph will let you avoid this attack and others, so be sure to use her. Gnome will help you break from other binds... But you'll be helpless against Philia Melt, so use Sylph. Now go, oh brave Luka. They're called Sisters, so be prepared for the enemies ahead...”