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Doppel Luka
Doppel Girl.png
Gargoyle Girl Hainuwele →
Level: 78
HP (Normal): 25000
Experience: 350000
Skills: Doppel Handjob, Doppel Footjob, Doppel Blowjob, Doppel Tit Fuck, Doppel Intercrural, Doppel Ass, Semen Squeezing Sword, Doppel Rape
Area: Navel of the World
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: frfr

Doppel Luka is a monster created by Promestein from samples taken from Luka during his battle with Cherub Wormiel. Much like the Next Dolls, Promestein intended for this monster to defeat Luka by mimicking his physical appearance, memories, and abilities. The clone is also capable of changing its gender. She has made no appearances in Monster Girl Quest Paradox in the story as of yet, with the exception of having a quintuple superboss in the Labyrinth of Chaos comprised of different variations of her.

Monsterpedia Entry

"A clone of Luka created by the pinnacle of Promestein's genetic engineering technology. But her gender isn't set, and can be switched between male and female at will. She was created using samples taken from Luka during the Wormiel fight, and has all of his memories and physical abilities from that time. When she takes a female form, her thinking and personality also changes to become more feminine."


Doppel Handjob: Normal attack.

Doppel Footjob: Normal attack.

Doppel Blowjob: Normal attack.

Doppel Tit Fuck: Normal attack.

Doppel Intercrural: Normal attack.

Doppel Assjob: Normal attack. Requires Doppel Luka stripped.

Sword Semen Drain: Triggers bind status and deals damage. Subsequent uses damages twice.

Doppel Mount: Triggers bind status. Leads to Doppel Rape on the next turn.

*Doppel Rape: Binded attack that leads to a one-hit KO via instant follow-up. Follows Doppel Mount.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Doppel Luka is quite difficult as she can offset all of Luka's offensive skills with her own. However, if Luka uses Element Spica (which appears after using any offensive skill), she will strip and begin using more elaborate attacks, but she will no longer offset his attacks, so use Undine to counter.

The achievement "Defeated Doppelganger without her unclothing" can be earned by defeating Doppel Luka without her unclothing, that is, without using Element Spica. This can be done by alternating between Gnome, Meditation, and normal attacking.

If Luka fails to withstand his copied self, he is raped by her vagina and forced to repeatedly impregnate her.


"You raped yourself...? Couldn't this just be said to be some elaborate form of masturbation? Doppel Luka can offset all of your sword skills. You can't fight her directly without addressing that. You should check each of your skills against her, and perhaps try to find one she doesn't know... After she strips, you can fight normally... But you should give priority to rebuilding your SP. In addition, depending on when you lose, it will change whether she's dressed or not during the rape scene after. Oh I wonder what you're going to try now!? Now go, oh elaborate masturbator Luka. Because you disappointed me, I can tell you're the real one."


  • Doppel Luka is the only monster who can change their sex.
  • The four Doppel Lukas in the Labyrinth of Chaos are called Luka Holly, Luka Rinoa, Luka Haine and Luka Kyrie.