Devastated Plains is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


Dangers abound in this eerie location that lies to the south of the Holy Wings Shrine. Monsters such as Experimental Organism AD-5Experimental Organism S-2Experimental Organism A-3Experimental Organism Q-5, and Chimera Beasts wander around, each one massively stronger than other monsters in the Devastated Plains.

At first, here isn't much to visit here, except for a run-down building with poison marshes around it that is closed by a card reading lock. Even if you manage to get inside, whatever or whomever is producing that deadly aura surrounding the region certainly isn't someone you want to mess with... This place is vital later on to hand over the notes to La Croix after defeating Cirque du Croix, and one can also acquire a job change item afterwards.


Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone


Seed of Magic


Iris Cell Culture


Small Medal

Meteor Shield

Shooting Star

Anubis Harp

Trance Crest

Killer Earring


Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

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