Demon Skull Beheading
A deadly attack that involves jumping off somewhere high. Incredibly strong, but not usable everywhere.
“During battle, it's normally suicide to jump. When you jump, it's pretty damn obvious what your movements are going to be until you land. But this Demon Skull Beheading is different. By falling too fast for them to hit you, you crush the skull of your enemy. There's a big issue in using this technique, though. As you saw, you need to be at a great height to use this technique....And since you're a human, you can't fly in the air. So there's a condition. If there's nothing to climb nearby, you can't use it. Even if you have the necessary SP, you won't be able to use it if you can't climb anything.” - Alice
“This technique was a favorite of Desureia the Harpy, who was known as the Death on Wings. Smashing the skulls of three hundred enemies, their brains covering the field in a mess.” - Alice

Demon Skull Beheading (天魔頭蓋斬 Tenmazugaizan) is a skill Alice teaches Luka on their way to Port Natalia, right before his first battle with Alma Elma.

This skill uses the weight of gravity to deliver a mighty blow to the opponent's skull. This requires 3 SP, and can only be used when the terrain supports it (i.e. masts, walls, trees, pillars, etc.).

It is later succeeded by Earth Rumbling Decapitation. However, Luka is forced to resort to Demon Skull Beheading after defeating Archangel Ariel, as Promestein disables his elements, but later gains Heavenly Demon Revival while fighting Archangel Ranael.


  • Desureia, who favored Demon Skull Beheading, may possibly be the Former Queen Harpy, who had an infamous desire and talent for warfare and was nicknamed the "God of War".
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