Demon Decapitation
Jump at the enemy, and slash at their neck. An easy technique that compliments Luka’s small stature.
"A small body is good for when you charge in, and cut’s the enemy’s neck. It’s said that the Dark Elf Zack was able to cut off the heads of 100 humans using that move." - Alice

Demon Decapitation (魔剣・首刈り Maken Kubikari) is the first skill Luka learns from Alice. Bringing the tip of his blade to his opponent’s neck and slashing, it does slightly higher than normal damage at the cost of 2 SP. Early on, the skill is roughly equivalent to a critical hit, while later in the game the attack does little more than a normal attack. Alice teaches it to Luka when the two set camp after he chases off a Slug Girl.

This skill is later replaced by Serene Demon Sword. However, Luka is forced to resort to Demon Decapitation after defeating Archangel Ariel, as Promestein disables his elements, but is soon replaced by Daystar.

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