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Demi-humans, also frequently referred to as youkai, are a race of monsters in the Monster Girl Quest setting that resemble humans and originate from the east.


Demi-humans tend to resemble humans, but with features such as horns (e.g. Goblin Girl, Oni), long tongues (e.g. Akaname) or long hair (e.g. Kejourou). Some have the traits of other monster races (e.g. Butterfly Girl, who has the wings, antennae and proboscis of an insect monster). They are skilled at ice magic and also resist this element.

The highest concentration of demi-humans is in Yamatai Village and its surroundings. The demi-humans (along with any other monsters) living in the village are worshipped as deities by the human population. However, demi-humans also exist outside of the Yamatai region.


  • Yōkai (which can also be spelled as "youkai") are a class of supernatural monsters, spirits, and demons in Japanese folklore. The Yamatai region, in which demi-humans are common, is clearly inspired by Japan. It is also worth noting that kitsunes are considered a type of yōkai in real life, but in Monster Girl Quest they are a separate race.
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