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A deadly sword attack that slashes the enemy multiple times. Though the power is high, so is the SP consumption.
“Different from when I Flail Wildly, my attacks link together after each swing, as if all part of a single slash.”Luka
“A barrage of attacks that doesn’t give the opponent a chance to defend themselves. That’s the Death Sword Chaos Star technique. It’s very powerful, but it requires four SP. If you use it without thinking about your current situation, it could put you in a bad position.”Alice
“It’s said that the mute swordsman Galla turned an entire legion of knights into lumps of flesh using that technique.” – Alice

The most costly of Luka’s offensive skillset in terms of SP (at the count of 4), Death Sword Chaos Star (死剣・乱れ星 Shiken Midareboshi) is his most powerful technique by far in Chapter 1 (not including the attacks used under the influence of holy energy). Luka learns it from Alice before they head into the Forest of Spirits.

With his sword flashing like a shooting star, Death Sword Chaos Star strikes an enemy 5 times for a great amount of damage. However, this skill’s cost level renders its use situational. In longer fights, expensive skills like this should usually be avoided in favor of maintaining Spirit protection and Meditation. The skill becomes overshadowed in Chapter 2 by the elemental techniques, despite it still being labeled as his strongest attack.

This skill replaces Flail Wildly and is later replaced by Granberia’s signature skill, Vaporizing Rebellion Sword. However, Luka is forced to resort to Death Sword Chaos Star skill after defeating Archangel Ariel, as Promestein disables his elements, but later gains Ninefold Rakshasa while fighting Archangel Ranael.