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Main Universe
Raffia Jelly Girl →
Level: 40
HP (Normal): 3500
Experience: 15000
Skills: Venus Bend, Venus Trap, Intoxicating Fragrance, Philia Melt
Area: Plansect Village
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Setouchi

Deana is a carnivorous plant monster in Monster Girl Quest. She, along with her sisters Dorothy and Raffia, is one of the mercenary Canaan Sisters. They are responsible for instigating the war between the plants and insects of Plansect Village.


Chapter 2

Deana appears after Luka has defeated both her younger sisters. They fight and Deana is defeated, thus finally ending the Plansect Village war. The pacifists then arrive and restore the village to its normal state, leaving the Canaan Sisters sealed.

Chapter 3

After Goddess Ilias wages war against the humans and monsters, Deana along with her sisters return to aid in Plansect Village's defense, knowing that they have to fight against the angels or be doomed. However, even after the war, the Canaan Sisters refuse to accept coexistence, and are thus monitored very closely by the village.

Monstepedia Entry

“A plant monster, she is also the oldest Canaan Sister. Her hair is a predation organ capable of dissolving both humans and insect monsters. She eats her prey in an almost businesslike manner, quickly eating them so she can return to more important tasks. Looking at the prey with bored eyes, she will watch them slowly dissolve in her organ.

The Canaan Sisters constantly roam about, looking for fights to take part in so that they can feed. Due to their mercenary lifestyle, they are more powerful than normal plant monsters. Traveling to Plansect Village, they volunteered to assist the plant monsters in the war. Due to their cruelty, the war intensified.”


Venus Bend: Normal attack. Will trigger venus trap mouth bukkake on loss.

Venus Trap: Triggers bind status and deals damage. Will trigger venus trap mouth bukkake on loss.

*Intoxicating Fragrance: Triggers trance status.

Philia Melt: Triggers bind status which leads to a one-hit KO.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

In essence, this battle is a mix of Dorothy and Raffia. Deana has two types of binds: Venus Trap, which is a regular bind; and Philia Melt, which is inescapable and spells Luka's defeat. She also has Intoxicating Fragrance to put Luka in a trance to worsen the situation against him. As with most other plant monsters, Sylph will help a lot in this fight.

If Luka loses, Deana pulls him into her venus flytrap hair, where he is stimulated by her digestive juices and is then eaten.


“My, who would have seen this coming? Do you want me to keep reincarnating you as a bug so you can let plants eat you endlessly? Like the other sisters, Deana has an annoying trance move that will be your death if it hits you. If you don't want to be eaten, summon Sylph right away. Without Sylph, your defeat is almost guaranteed. Just watch your health as you whittle hers down. Now go, oh brave Luka. With your sword, obliterate the last of that horrible village of monsters.”