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The ultimate skill of one of the original fallen angels. It counters the enemy, and annihilates them. It seems to be compatible with the power of water...
"My mother is the Star of Morning, the child of dawn. The star thrown to the Earth shall obtain victory!" - Luka

Daystar (明けの明星 Ake no myousei) is one of Luka’s most powerful techniques, behind Element Spica. When attacked, Luka counterattacks with a dazzling star, striking three times with heavy damage. It is the famed technique of the second original angel, Seraph Lucifina.

In Chapter 3, after Luka finally awakens his angelic powers against Archangel Ranael, Daystar replaces Serene Demon Sword and costs 8 SP to use. However, if the monster does not attack, the skill will not work, wasting a lot of SP. There are also very few battles, such as with Laplace, where Daystar is required to avoid a deadly attack, as all other methods of defense will fail.

Once Luka reacquires Salamander, there is a nifty trick with Daystar that results in the enemy's imminent doom. First use Daystar to counter and dish out huge damage, then use Salamander to regain all the lost SP, then use Daystar again, and if the enemy is still alive, Heavenly Demon Revival or Word of Dispel. This combination can guarantee victory in most fights, but some enemies can easily shut down the combo by not triggering Daystar or disabling Luka in some way when summoning Salamander.

Once the seal weakening the four spirits was removed, Undine powers up this skill to Infallible Daystar (明けの明星・無謬 Ake no myoujou Mubyuu), making it deal more damage.


  • "Daystar" is also Lucifina's nickname. This is a reference to the Fallen Angel Lucifer, in which Daystar is one of his monikers.
  • When Luka uses it against Kraken, a counter was not initiated, rather, he used it straight off the bat right after using Flash Kill.
  • The line "The star thrown to the Earth shall obtain victory!" is a reference to how Lucifer is banished from heaven and falls (to hell) but continues to fight against God anyway.
  • One of the game's Achievements requires for the player to use Daystar to counter a charged attack from a monster.
  • it is required to beat black alice 2nd form and laplace
  • In Monster Girl Quest Paradox, Nero has this skill he could have inherited this skill from his father Luka.