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Daimyokai is a boss and companion from the Collaboration Scenario. She comes from the game The Three Charms with Magatsu, Hakunen, and Dream Fox. After finishing the collab, she reappears on the path to the Snow Shrine. After defeating her there, she will join the party for good.


She first appears in chapter 4 as Lars and Rovissa investigate the yoma's attacks in Shidara Settlement and offer their service to defend the village of Izumo. She seems aware that she comes from a different world.

She reappears a bit later when Lars and Rovissa are about to be overwhelmed by Demi-Nightmares, and flaunt her ego as she saves them by trapping the monsters, aggravating an already agitated Rovissa.

She also catches the White Rabbit and considers the idea of making herself a rabbit stew. After receiving the explanation from the White Rabbit on the situation with the Seven Heroes and the Queen of Dreams, she's aghast at the idea that she isn't one of the Seven heroes. None the less, she joins the party afterwards, and decide to start their yokai hunt by interrogating the locals.

They learn from a guard that the situation in Grand Noah is critical, as most of the court has been brainwashed by Musette, and that several heroes are on their way there. They decide to go there too. As the party discusses the crisis at hand, Daimyokai comes to the conclusion that the more victims the Nightmares make the more the Land of Night will expand, until it eventually covers the world. She then explains her motivation, namely that she hoped to get as many treasures as possible and didn't initially want to get involved in that mess, disgusting Rovissa with her greed.

If the party attempts to enter Yamatai Village, Daimyokai will reveal that she attacked the local yokai, as she ignored that they were worshipped. She got hunted away by the population, and as such they can't enter the village.

After crossing the Yamatai Cave, the party prepares to breach Grand Noah which they know is an hostile territory.

She reappears in chapter 7 to save the trio of Lest, Novissa and Tarsa from a group of Nightmares.

They manage to clear the local nightmares in chapter 9, but end up being regularly chased by Executionner, Ogretooth and Mysteltainn. In the process, they run in nightmares raping magical beasts, disgusting the group.

Eventually, as they run away from the succubi, they end up running into Kazuya's group as the latter is fighting Myusca, Nemea and Vinum with the support of Luka and his allies. They are forced to fight Mysteltainn while her sisters get engaged by Luka's allies. In the ensuing chaos, Daimyokai catches Myusca in a trap, and Vinum negotiates her friend's release with Luka's companion. Once the tension is clear, she tries hitting on Hakunen, but is disparaged by Magatsu who barely tolerates her presence.

She continues accompanying the party during their adventures, protecting Gilgorn with a barrier against Nightmares as the latter bombards her castle, although the spell ends up overwhelmed.

She temporarily leaves the team at the beginning of the post-collab, as she tries hunting for Musette's party on her own before being forcefully reintegrated by a relcuctant Magatsu after beating her down. However, in the meantime, she has stolen a large amount of relics and fitted them so that she can be the only one able to use them.

During the Succubus Prison Trio recruitment side quest, when the party reaches the first "Sex Room" challenge and as everybody is still dumbfounded by Myusca's ridiculous plan, she ignores the somber mood and hits on Hakunen, but before she can do anything Magatsu takes the lead on her disciple. After the heroes fail the "Karaoke Handjob" challenge, Daimyokai informs the party of a loophole she noticed, as there are no rules against beating the one giving the Handjob, resulting in the Tarsa clone getting destroyed.

She's present during the final reunion with the members of Est's Alliance, which doesn't please her, but she remains ignored even as she tries to call out to Luka repeatedly.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Daimyokai: “I have a policy against working for free, but... Well, I suppose it will be fine. ”

Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:

2nd Action:

3rd Action:

4th Action:

5th Action:

Additional Skills

  • HP +10% - Combat Ability
  • SP +10% - Job Ability
  • Dexterity +20% - Job Ability
  • MP +20% - Magic Ability
  • MP +30% - Magic Ability
  • Magic +30% - Magic Ability
  • Pleasure Booster 15% - Magic Ability
  • Willpower +10% - Magic Ability
  • Willpower +20% - Magic Ability
  • Foreign Art: Local Recovery - Taoism Skill (Magical 300% ^ of Mag, Dex), Target: Ally, Effect: HP Recovery
  • Foreign Art: Global Recovery - Taoism Skill (Magical 300% ^ of Mag, Dex), Target: All Allies, Effect: HP Recovery
  • Yume Kuzushi - Unarmed Skill (Physical 408% Att+Agi), Target: Foe, Effect: Demi-Human/Succubus Slayer
  • Cursed Oni Cage - Taoism Skill Target: All Foes, Effect: +900 Speed, Stun/Paralyze/Silence (100%)
  • Youkai Slayer's Breath - Taoism Skill (Bio 1000% ^ of Mag, Dex), Target: All Foes, Effect: Poison (75%), Demi-Human/Kitsune/Succubus Slayer
  • Mist of Rapture - Taoism Skill (Pleasure 660% ^ of Mag, Dex), Target: All Foes, Effect: Confusion/Trance/Horny/Seduction (75%)
  • lvl 54: Foreign Art: Global Recovery - Taoism Skill (Magical 600% Mag or Dex), Target: All Allies, Effect: HP Recovery

Exclusive Equipment

Name Item type Stats Effects Location
Rending Rode Ebiru Rod Attack: 150

Magic: 165

Willpower: 120

Agility: 150

Dexterity: 150

Critical Rate +15%

Critical Damage +50%

Fist/Bow Property

Château des Romances
Mo Ye's Treasured Sword Magic Sword Attack: 170

Defense: 55

Magic: 170

Willpower: 55

Agility: 55

Dexterity: 155

Critical Rate +30%

Taoism Booster 30%

When recruited in the Post Collab
Heavenly Upheaval Stamp Buckler Attack: 65

Magic: 80

Willpower: 65

Heavenly Upheaval Stamp Counter When recruited in the Post Collab
Glamorous Veil of Temptation Robe Defense: 85

Magic: 155

Willpower: 155

Agility: 85

Nullify Wind/Earth/Water

End Turn: Glamorous Veil of Temptation

When recruited in the Post Collab
Jinxia Hat Magic Hat Defense: 45

Magic: 85

Willpower: 85

Agility: 45

Nullify all Status

(Status Ailments and KOs)

When recruited in the Post Collab
Wind Fire Wheels Accessory Magic +30%

Agility +50%

Eva/Mag Eva Rate +30%

Battle Start: Wind Fire Wheels Booster

(For 4 turns, +200% Agility, +50% Accuracy,

+30% Evasion, and Taoism skills execute twice.)

When recruited in the Post Collab