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Cursed Doll
Cursed doll.png
呪いの人形娘   (Noroi no Ningyō Musume)
Ghost Girl Zombie Girl →
Level: 17
HP (Normal): 680
Experience: 950
Skills: Playful Handjob, Playful Hug, Playful Hair, Hair Expand, Soul Sucking Hair
Area: Haunted Manor
Appears in: Chapter 1
Artist: UN_DO

The Cursed Doll is a doll possessed by magic that dwells within the Haunted Manor. However, like the Ghost Girl before it, the Cursed Doll is not involved with Chrome’s plans at all.

Monsterpedia Entry

“When the soul of the previous owner of this worn-out doll combined with magic after her death, she was forced to possess the doll and became a monster. Because of that, she is classified in the undead family. Though the memory from her human life has vanished, she retained her innocent, playful demeanor.

Like most undead types, she requires male energy to maintain her life. In addition to using her genitals to suck out energy, the Cursed Doll is able to use her magical hair to wrap around the man’s penis and directly suck out his energy. Like this, it’s said that she can steal the very soul of the man. Due to her innocent and playful behavior, she doesn’t realize that her excessive playing is killing the man. An extremely dangerous monster, not to be underestimated by her young appearance.”


  • Playful Handjob: Normal attack. Losing leads to rape scene 1.
  • Playful Hug: Normal attack. Losing leads to rape scene 1.
  • Playful Hair: Normal attack. Triggers hair bukkake and leads to rape scene 2.
  • *Hair Expand: Triggers bind status.
  • Soul Sucking Hair: Binded attack with drain properties. Triggers hair bukkake and leads to rape scene 2.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Use sword skills along with normal attacks to build up SP. Use Meditation to restore your health when it’s low. Once you’re bound, you need to struggle right away.

If Luka loses Normal Attacks, Cursed Doll will rape him vaginally. If Luka is defeated with Playful Hair or Soul Sucking Hair, he is squeezed by her hair and vagina. Then, his energy will be sucked by her hair until his death.


“Did it really feel good to be raped by a doll? How shameful. If you're restrained by her hair, she can use an ability that drains your HP. So if you are bound, you need to struggle right away. Her moves are damaging, so don't neglect your own HP. By the way, there are two different ways this doll can beat you... But as a Hero, you don't really need to worry about that. Now go, oh brave Luka. You must destroy strange dolls like that...”