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Grand Noah Colosseum is a location in Monster Girl Quest located in the city of the same name.

Grand Noah Colosseum.png


This is where the Queen's Cup is held in Grand Noah, and it attracts lots of monsters and humans to fight. However, because of the assymetrical fights between humans and monsters, the colosseum became a rape show to the displeasure of the queen who wants to change the traditions of the Queen's Cup. Luka participates here, and after defeating Cerberus and Dullahan, he faces "Kyuba" who is none other than Alma Elma. The latter concedes the match when Luka's mastery over Sylph improves.

During the invasion, A Knightroid holds all of the women here as hostages and challenges Luka to a fight for their lives. Fortunately, the hero wins and the women are freed.