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Cobra Girl
Cobra Girl.png
Mummy Girl Nefertiti Lamias →
Level: 21
HP (Normal): 1400
Experience: 2200
Skills: Cobra Blowjob, Cobra Tit Fuck, Cobra Bite, Cobra Roll, Nightmare Tightening, Mellow Tail, Cobra Anal
Area: Pyramid
Appears in: Chapter 1
Artist: Setouchi

Cobra Girl is a subspecies of lamia encountered in Chapter 1 of Monster Girl Quest. She is a subordinate of Sphinx and, like the Mummy Girl before her, she attacks those who take the Dragon Seal Trial.


The Cobra Girl is the second monster in the Pyramid to attack Luka and Sara. She is defeated and sealed, mainly thanks to Luka's efforts.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A subspecies of Lamia, she lives primarily in arid regions. A subordinate of Sphinx, she was given the role of testing those who would attempt the [Dragon Seal Trial]. Very cruel, and just as intelligent, she takes pleasure in tormenting those she deems unqualified.

Like most Lamias, she coils around her catch as she rapes them. Once the man’s genitalia are strangled inside her tight vagina, most men will surrender with surprising quickness. In addition, there is a very powerful poison inside of her body that paralyzes her catch. Once she rapes you, it is not possible to return alive.”


Cobra Blowjob: Normal attack.

Cobra Tit Fuck: Normal attack.

Cobra Bite: Triggers paralysis.

*Cobra Roll: Triggers bind status and deals damage.

Nightmare Tightening: Binded attack.

Mellow Tail: Binded attack.

Cobra Anal: Binded attack.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Like the previous battle, Sara is of little-to-no help. Cobra Girl's main gimmick is her Cobra Bite which causes Paralysis and Cobra Roll which causes binds. Sylph is helpful in avoiding all those, including her one-hit KO attack Cobra Anal. After summoning Sylph, use Death Sword Chaos Star to bring her down.

The Achievement "Sara Defeated a Monster" can be obtained if Sara deals the finishing blow to Cobra Girl.

If Luka loses, he is raped until he dries up while Cobra Girl cruelly strangles Sara, tightening every time Luka ejaculates. Both end up dead.


“...You're here again? Sheesh, this has become too frequent... As usual, Sara is useless. Pretend as if she isn't there. When bound by the Cobra Girl, she will use Cobra Anal. If you take this attack, you will be defeated. Be careful. If you call Sylph beforehand, it's likely she will prevent it. In addition, her paralysis attack can be nullified by Sylph. If you wish to be safe, you should call Sylph right away. Now go, oh brave Luka. Eradicate the monsters who lurk in the Pyramid.”


  • The Cobra Girl is the only instance in which a monster tortures a human female, even though this is not shown in CG.