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Cirque de Croix is a group of seven legendary monsters, who were murdered by La Croix and soon after resurrected as zombies. They are listed below:

  • Fernandez, a well known elf warrior who used cursed swordsman techniques, came up with Lightning Sword Flash to better fit her fighting style.
  • Titania, a fairy born with astounding magical powers, enough to rival the current queen. Enjoyed playing pranks like most other fairies.
  • Roza, a mermaid pirate queen and one of the "Big Three" of pirates, once known all across the seas.
  • Queen Lamia, who was known for her kindness (unusual among her race), earning her the title of "Lamia of Love". However, she was killed along with Queen Scylla, and her seat is also left open.
  • Former Queen Harpy, known as the "God of War", she led the harpies to near extinction with constant fights and wars before dying.
  • Queen Scylla, Queen over all tentacle monsters, but after her death no one has filled her spot.
  • The seventh member has yet to be revealed.

As of Part 2, they have appeared twice. The first is in the world accessed from the third Tartarus. Here Titania, Queen Harpy and Queen Scylla are used to buy time against Adramelech. The second appearance is of the Paradox world's Cirque and takes place in the Devastated Plains. La Croix sends the entire group against Luka's party when they interrupt her.


  • Each of the member of the Cirque du Croix use new artwork in their fight. However, their character portraits from the original trilogy are still present into the game's files.
  • Living versions of the Cirque du Croix members are located in the Labyrinth of Chaos as boss enemies. They are much stronger than their undead counterparts and are fought alone.