Chimeras, or Chimeric Monsters as named by their creator, are sets of (often) mindless, yet specialized artificial monsters created by Promestein. Unlike typical artificial monsters, these creatures possesses parts of various different monsters attached to a base.


Chimeras generally fall into three distinct categories: random-type monsters that use a woman or even an angel as the base, beast-based monsters which exhibit different parts around a bestial core, and somewhat mech-based monsters. Notably, the beast-based monsters, when sealed, dissolve into a lot of various parts before their base is revealed: for example the Chimera Beast sheds a lot of loose meat until a live tiger is revealed as its base.

Some chimeras in the original Monster Girl Quest are designed to counter a particular target by exploiting their weaknesses. For example, the Next Dolls were designed to counter Four Heavenly Knights. Being specialized in order to deal with specific opponents, these chimeras have a notable weakness against other opponents, as seen when the Chimera Dryad did not flinch against Alice's Omega Blaze, while Luka was able to defeat it with a bit of help on his part.

Some chimeras (specifically Knightroid, Assassinroid, and Rapunzel) make use of the Artificial Four Spirits developed developed by Promestein, further increasing their power.


Monster Girl Quest

Chimeras were created by Promestein under Goddess Ilias's order to combat the monsters and to maintain the darkness in the world (necessary to prevent Alice I and the Six Ancestors from being unsealed.

An army of chimeras, along with angels, were sent to slaughter the population of Remina. This incident led to the poor relationship between humans and monsters, as it was believed that the monsters of Remina had slaughtered its humans.

The Chimera Dryad appeared in the Forest of Spirits (possibly an escape from the Biolabs) and attacked anything in its path. When Luka and Alice arrived at the forest, they encountered the Chimera Dryad and managed to defeat it.

Numerous Chimera Beasts and the Chimera Dryad Vore guard a secret laboratory underneath Remina. They attack Luka and Alice when they arrive, but are defeated.

When Ilias declares war on the surface world, numerous chimeras are among her forces. These chimeras seem to be more intelligent than their older variants and regard themselves as a whole new generation of monsters, rather than just one particular facet of the monster race.

After Ilias' defeat, mechanical chimeras can still repair themselves due to a lot of material being left behind by Promestein.

Monster Girl Quest: Paradox

Chimeras also made a debut here in Monster Girl Quest Paradox.


  • In Greek Mythology, Chimera is a hybrid creature consisting of a body of a lion, a goat's head on its back, and a snake head for its tail. The term Chimera also refers to animals having parts of different other animals.


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