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Chimera Prison
Chimera Prison.jpg
Archangel Mariel Chimera Medullahan →
Level: 57
HP (Normal): 14000
Experience: 0
Skills: None
Area: Happiness Village
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: Setouchi

The Chimera Prison is a prison-like creature created by Promestein. She was seen briefly when she participated in the attack on Happiness Village in Chapter 3. She is not fought by Luka, rather Queen Harpy is the one to defeat her.

Before Luka arrives in Happiness Village, Chimera Prison traps a young boy in her cage and then rapes him with her tentacles. Harpy arrives and tries to save him, but Chimera Medullahan blocks her way; however Luka arrives and manages fend off the Medullahan. After doing so, Luka turns to the Chimera Prison, but Queen Harpy arrives and defeats her in his stead.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A Chimeric Monster created by Promestein. There was no real intent to experiment on her creation, she was designed simply to capture additional subjects. Originally she was going to be mass produced and sent to each city to capture additional subjects. But the maintenance figures for so many Chimera Prisons was considered too high to be worth it.

Due to these circumstances, her personality seems to have been distorted, and became overzealous in tormenting her prey. If captured by her, you will need to prepare for some harsh rape.”