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Chimera Homunculus
Chimera Homunculus.jpg
キメラホムンクルス   (Kimera Homunkurusu)
Queen Vampire Iron Maiden v2 →
Level: 55
HP (Normal): 17000
Experience: 170000
Skills: EX Tentacle, EX Bust, EX Drain Blowjob, Alechemist Tentacle, Alchemist Euria
Area: Witch Hunt Village
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: Setouchi

The Chimera Homunculus is a chimeric monster created by Lucia, a member of the Seekers of Truth. Based on research from Promestein, it combines both biological sciences and traditional alchemy. Luka encounters her in the Witch Hunt Village in Chapter 3.

Monsterpedia Entry

“Based on Promestein’s research, this Monster was created by Lucia. This Chimera is a mix of state of the art biological sciences and old fashioned alchemy. Her ability and intelligence are drastically improved from a normal homunculus, and her power rivals that of top class Monsters.

She submits completely to the orders of her master, but there are no linked ethical standards seen. Her tentacles are able to wrap around her prey and directly suck out semen to feed on. Due to the pleasure that’s given to the male, they will be forced to ejaculate one way or another. She doesn’t have any hesitation in killing her prey, but due to her preference for drawing out a large amount of semen over an extended time, there have been no reported deaths in Witch Hunt Village due to her action.”


EX Tentacle: Normal attack.

EX Bust: Normal Attack.

EX Drain Blowjob: Normal attack with drain properties.

Alchemist Tentacle: Multi-hit attack that hits five times.

*Alchemist Bind: Triggers bind status.

Alchemist Euria: Binded attack that hits three times. Last hit has drain properties.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Instead of Serene Mind, use Gnome to stave off damage and break from her binds. The rest of the fight is straightforward.

If Luka succumbs, Chimera Homunculus restrains him and repeatedly strokes him with her tentacle until he dies.


“Today’s youth has been avoiding the sciences too much… But that seems to be no issue for you. I’m glad you were able to get along so well with the product a biology experiment. The opponent is a monster, but a serene state won’t do much to avoid the damage. Since her offensive ability is high, Gnome will do well in reducing damage. Gnome will also let you break free of binds quickly, so she is the most useful. Now go, oh brave Luka. It’s fine to be interested in the sciences, but please fight properly some of the time.”