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As is typical for a game done in RPG Maker, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox includes world drop content in the form of chests and other furniture which give items when interacted with for the first time.

All loot sources' content are predetermined, except in the Labyrinth of Chaos where the content of every chest is random, only being defined by the quality of its container and the "Special Score" at which the chest is opened.


Chests are the most frequently found lootable items in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. They are one of the main sources of treasure for Luka and his party, and come in four different types.

Red Chests

Red Chests.png

Red chests are the most common type of chest found during the hero's adventure. Their content's quality is extremely varied, ranging from good to passable or even joke items. They are extremely numerous, and can be found in large amount in several dungeons.

From the Cave of Treasures onward, several predetermined red chests in dungeons are Mimics, and later Box Girls that are automatically engaged in battle when opened. While they're not extremely tough, their skills can take an unprepared team by surprise as they possess a group stun and the ability to eat allies, removing them from battle entirely. However, since they can drop valuable small medals, opening every chest is still a good idea and worth the risk.

Blue Chests

Blue Chest.png

Blue chests are the second type of chest found in dungeons. They're less frequently found, with most dungeons counting one and two containers at most, and require the Lockpick (I) ability obtainable through the Thief basic job to be opened. However, their content is on average of higher quality than red chests, and it is worth keeping a leveled thief around just to open them.

Location Content
Ilias Temple Gold Bracelet
Cave of Trials B1F Blue Ice Stone
Irina Mountains Southern Cave Killer Bow
Mithra Sealed Castle Club Scroll
Pornof Mines B2F Thunder Rod
Ilias Continent Southern Tartarus B1F Blast Voice (makina)
Ilias Continent Southern Tartarus B2F Bio Blaster (makina)
Midas Abandonned Mines B1F Flail Scroll
Midas Abandonned Mines B1F Orange Earth Stone
Slug Tower 3F Slime Scroll
Rostrum Mountains 4F Fang Scroll
Ilias Continent Eastern Tartarus B2F Makina Scroll
Ilias Continent Eastern Tartarus B2F Ocean Anchor
Ilias Continent Eastern Tartarus B2F Stinger
Lost Woods Nature Scroll
Lemuse Beach Harp Scroll
Treasure Cave 1F Blue Robe
Natalia Coast Aqua Claws
Natalia Coast Rod Scroll
Southern Undersea Temple Dark Armor
Southern Undersea Temple Axe Scroll
Underground Library Area 2 Fire Tome
Mt. Saint Amos Angelic Breasts
Ancient Temple Ruins B1F Gatling Gun (makina)
Ancient Temple Ruins B1F Gun Scroll
Ancient Temple Ruins 3F Vibro Blade
Haunted Manor Hidden Room Blood Sword
Forest of Spirits Gale Bow
Carlos Hill Debuff Check
Seeker's Cave B3F Magical thread (quest)
Oasis of Blessings Breath Scroll
Pyramid 1F Devil Hammer
Pyramid 3F Crimson Samurai Armor
Tower of Magic 1F Magical Abacus
Safar Ruins Area 3 Beast Claws
Safar Ruins Area 3 Gaia Hammer
Saloon Hill Death Check
Saloon's Abandonne Mine B1F Crystal Armor
Sabasa Cont. Norther Tartarus Layer 1 Electromagnetic Armor (makina)
Administrator Tower 2F Rune Blade
Administrator Tower 2F Divine Scalpel
Administrator Tower 4F Claymore
Administrator Tower 4F Drill (makina)
Marle Grand Corridor Rune Blade
Great Pirate's Cave 2F Lightning Sword
Fossile Mines B2F Dragon Scale Axe
Minotaur's Labyrinth 2F Burning Soul
Orochi's Cave Genbu's Shield
Orochi's Cave Seiryuu Helm
Orochi's Cave Pledge Cup
Orochi's Cave Suzaku's Armor
Orochi's Cave Byakko's Fang
Orochi's Cave Beckoning Cat
Undine's Spring Water Mirror Shield
Undine's Spring Feathered Water Robe
Poison Swamp (East Gold) Buddha Gi
March Hill Area 9 Great Helm
Underground Canals Magic Bikin
Lava Mines 1F Ichigeki
Ghost Ship Middle Deck Sonic Amulet
Ghost Ship Middle Deck Healing Shell
Southern Undersea Temple (North) 1F Slash Edge
Southern Undersea Temple (North) B1F Uao Tuo Scalpel
Gold Volcano Fire Amulet
Gold Volcano Kikuichimonji
Gold Cont. West Tartarus Lethal Dragoon
Gold Cont. West Tartarus Brionac
Fairy's Island (North) Plant Status Scroll
Fairy's Island (Center) Secret Spear Scroll
Fairy's Island (Center) Princess Dress
The World Tree 2F Secret Plant Scroll
The World Tree 3F Brave Armor
Lyra Falls B1F Justice Abacus
Lyra Falls B3F Prism Rapier
Solitary Island Insect Slayer Talisman
Solitary Island (Caves) Yami Fubuki
Solitary Island (Caves) Secret Dagger Scroll
Solitary Island (Caves) Resurrection Jewel
Hellgondo Cave 2F Dragon Hunter
Hellgondo Cave 1F Secret Slayer Tome
Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) B1F Aegis
Snow Cave Layer 1 Angel's Leotard
Snow Cave (between layers 1 and 2) Secret Holy Tome
Snow Cave (exit in layer 2) Reaper Cards
Snow Cave (after Polar Bear Girl Village) Force Sword
Hall of Creation 1F Ascension Guard
Ilias Temple Ruins Layer 1 Dionysus Plate
Ilias Temple Ruins Layer 2 Raziel's Grimoire
Devastated Plain Ruins B1F Anubis Harp

Green Chests

Green Chest.png

Green chests are the third type of chest encountered during Luka's adventure. They're even rarer than blue chests, and require the Lockpick (II) ability acquired through the Master Thief intermediate job to be opened. The rewards found inside, however, are more often than not a welcome boon for Luka and his party.

Location Content
Ilias Temple 12000G
Irina Mountains Northern Cave 2F Secret Breath Scroll
Mithra Sealed Castle Death Rapier
Harpy Tower 3F Secret Death Crest
Treasure Cave B2F Force Ring
Ancient Temple Ruins 3F Glass Ring
Seeker's Cave B3F Pulse Ring
Pyramid 2F Shoes of Happiness
Tower of Magic 5F Lightning Amulet
Safar Ruins Area 3 Torch of Sacrifice
Saloon's Abandonne Mine B2F Bandit's Gloves
Sabasa Cont. Norther Tartarus Layer 2 Dusk Ring
Minotaur's Maze 3F Secret Earth Tome
Magical Academy 2F Heavy Ring
Red Mountains Pocket Poison
Undine's Spring Enhancer
Ghost Ship Middle Deck Purple Orb
Ghost Ship Middle Deck Masamune
Ghost Ship Middle Deck Prism Shield
Ghost Ship Middle Deck Perseus' Sword
Southern Undersea Temple (North) B1F Secret Water Tome
Southern Undersea Temple (North) B1F Angel Seed
Gold Cont. West Tartarus Super Vibro Blade (makina)
The World Tree 3F Monohoshizao
The World Tree 2F Marvelous Sword
Lyra Falls B3F Ame No Murakumo
Vampire Castle Chaos Robe
Hellgondo Cave B1F Elemental Pendant
Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) 3F (throne room) Mini Ribbon
Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) 3F (throne room) Tsukishimoto
Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) 3F Black Sword
Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) 3F Princess Guard
Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) 3F Freya Dagger
Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) 3F Zantetsuken
Snow Cave (after layer 6) Genji Gloves
Hall of Creation 2F Demon Ward Bracelet
Ilias Temple Ruins Layer 3 Gold Magamata
Devastated Plains Murasame
Devastated Plains Ruins B1F Shooting Star
Devastated Plains Ruins 3F Killer Earring

Platinum Chests

Plat chest.png

Platinum chests are the fourth and last type of chest encountered during Luka's adventure. They're the rarest type of chest, and there are less than a handful of them in the entire world. Furthermore, they require Lockpick (III) to be opened, which can be acquired via the Godly Thief's Gloves accessory from Selene at 4000 Affection (Oden makes a good gift in order to receive the gloves as early as possible, being available to any maxed Three Star Chef and granting over 100 affection), or near the end of the game's second chapter through the Trickster advanced job. As such, the player will be forced to take note of their location and backtrack to get their content. However, most items found there are impossible to acquire otherwise, in addition to being extremely powerful, thus making the effort needed to acquire their content well worth it.

Location Content
Ilias Temple 25000G
Mithra Sealed Castle Martial Artist Knowledge
Seeker's Cave B3F Proof of initiation
Pyramid 2F Dark Contract
Gold Cont. West Tartarus Apoptosis Dogma (requires Remina Lab Keycard to access)
Hall of Creation 1F Angel Slayer Talisman
Ilias Temple Ruins Layer 2 Beam Scythe (makina)
Ilias Temple Ruins Layer 3 Mysterious Bikini
Ilias Temple Ruins Layer 3 Moye
Ilias Temple Ruins Layer 3 Hana Kagura
Devastated Plains Hyperion (makina)

Honey Pots


The game also contain several pots scattered everywhere in dungeons and cities. While most of them contain nothing, several contain potentially valuable items such as stat seeds.

However, from Magistea Village onward, pots found in dungeons can instead be Honey Pots, which, just like mimics, are automatically engaged in battle when interacted with. Their high-damage party wide skills can prove troublesome if the party is short on healing.

Other loot sources

Items can also be found in several other interactibles. Interacting with furniture that contain items can yield their content. While most will yield food or monster ingredients, some of them give out seeds and medals.

Healing Rune/Pot

Healing rune.png

Not properly a lootable to speak, but most dungeons include a healing spot taking the form of a rune or a pot marked with sparkling white stars above it. Interacting with them fully heal the player's team, and they have an unlimited number of charges. As such, the area around them make a good farming spot.

They're often found at the end of dungeons, right before the boss.