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Cherub Wormiel
Angel Plant.jpg
智天使ワミエル   (Chitenshi Wamieru)
Yomotsu-Shikome Undine →
Level: 140
HP (Normal): 23000
Experience: 280000
Skills: Worm Surface, Worm Ceres, Tentacle of Restraint, Prey Play, Lewd Tentacle Hell, Breast Wrapping
Area: Gold Volcano
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: Delphinus

Cherub Wormiel (智天使ワミエル, Chitenshi Wamieru) is an angel in the 2nd rank of the Hierarchy of Angels, and is the only angel currently bearing the rank of Cherub Luka encounters. Only one rank below Seraph Eden, she’s an extremely powerful force to be reckoned with; she wields the power to corrupt dimensions and can defeat thousands of enemies with ease. Bearing no particular responsibility, unlike other ranks, she acts as a backup solution for the angel command to resolve situations that other angels could not deal with.

In Chapter 3, she guards the Gold Volcano to prevent Luka from reaching the last spirit, Undine.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A Cherub angel, belonging to the second circle of angels. Without a specific duty, she’s more of a reserve force to be dispatched when the assigned angels cannot perform their mission. Exceptionally ruthless, she considers any creature that lives on the surface world to be the same as dirt.

With power beyond human comprehension, her body itself warps and degrades reality when descends to the surface world. Even armies on the scale of thousands can be quickly eroded and destroyed by her large body. Thus she takes in massive amounts of criminals at once, and disposes them as she toys with their bodies inside her.

In addition, her central female body is comprised of worms. The collection of all worms together is what gives Wormiel her sense of self.”


Worm Surface: Normal attack.

Worm Ceres: Normal attack that damages three times.

*Tentacle of Restraint: Triggers Bind status.

Prey Play: Bound attack.

Lewd Tentacle Hell: Bound attack that is a one-hit KO via instant follow-up.

Breast Wrapping: Binding attack.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Like the previous angel, keep Gnome up always or Lewd Tentacle Hell will result in an instant loss. In this battle, it’s best to play defensively with Meditation and Alice’s Eye of Recovery, or just go all out with the Daystar and Salamander combo.

Keep in mind that her Tentacle of Restraint will cancel the Daystar attack.

If Luka loses, he’ll be wrapped in tentacles, incorporated into her body, and forced to ejaculate for all eternity.


“Oh, what an ugly thing… Having that thing be in a Goddess’ service is a sin unto itself. She’s an angel, so Fallen Angel Dance is useful… But since she has an instant kill Bind attack, Gnome is better. The damage you take will be higher, but it’s better than taking a chance on a random loss. There’s additional insults that await if you lose to a certain move. But she’s just a disgusting mass of worms anyway, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see it. Now go, oh brave Luka. Destroy that disgusting angel before others are able to see her.”