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The Château des Romances is the end dungeon of The Land of Night and the Heroes of the Seven Worlds. It is brought in this world by Tarsa for Est's plan in place of Grand Noah, and originally belongs to Gilgorn. It has been brought in as a starting point to spread the "Land of Night", and is the scene for the last five chapters of the Collab.

The castle is summoned by Musette during chapter 7 by using a brainwashed Tarsa feeding prisoners in the depths of Grand Noah to channel the power needed to bring it in, although she's forced to accelerate the summoning, making it arrive incomplete. As Novissa and Lest are present near her, they're both brought in directly in the deepest part of the castle during the summoning. Musette steps away while Nightmares appear, threatening to overwhelm the group who is saved by the party of Lars, Rovissa and Daimyokai.

The outside of the castle and its main floors are showed in their dark glory at the beginning of chapter 8, as the large team of Kazuya, Hakunen, Magatsu, Lauratt, Rigeo, Lampas, Dream Fox and Mukuro steps in the front before getting greeted by Nightmares. As they search for Fulbeua, they are blocked by a barrier that needs to be deactivated first. In the kitchen, they meet a nightmare who's ready to tell them where the switch in exchange for a little energy from one of the males. Afterward, the party comes face to face with Fulbueua herself and attack her in hope of getting information about the dimensionnal gate's location. However, Musette steps in with her goons, and asks Fulbeua to deal with the intruders appropriately. The latter tells her off, and remains impassible when Musette's attempt to brainwash her fails. As conflict rises between the two of them, the party uses the opportunity to run away. As they think they managed to escape the throne room, Myusca, Nemea and Vinum appear to chase them, with Vinum teleporting later again to block the exit. The party is forced underground, and fights Vinum who is alone. After the party manages to hold her back for a moment, Nemea and Myusca arrive to finish the group, but before they can do anything Luka and his companions step in to rescue the party.

The basement is explored during chapter 9, as Lars and Novissa's group are successfully pushing back hordes of Nightmares. As they explore the underground, they get regularly chased by Mysteltainn, Ogretooth and Executioner. In the process, they run in Nightmares raping magical beasts, disgusting the group. Eventually, as they run away from the succubi, they end up running into Kazuya's group as the latter is fighting Myusca, Nemea and Vinum with the support of Luka and his allies. They are forced to fight Mysteltainn while her sisters get engaged by Luka's allies.

As the situation gets more frantic, Myusca ends up trapped by Daimyokai, forcing Vinum to negociate with the lead heroine to free Myusca in exchange for the succubi's retreat, and Kazuya use the opportunity to have Myusca transfer the seal she got by killing their world's hero to Luka. After the heroes formally introduce each other, Rigeo tells the party about the lord of the castle, Gilgorn, who hid in the basement of the castle. The party decides that they can as well recruit her for additional support in the process.

After descending to Gilgorn's room thanks to Lampas' vines, they face the Demon Lord herself who think they're Nightmares here to toy with her. The party beats her, and when they ask for her help, she asks them why they didn't tell her first although Rovissa remarks that they did.

The party then has Gilgorn bombard the castle with Rovissa's support, bringing the attention of a large army of Nightmares to the group. After a long bombing, the party attacks the castle and notices important signs of space-time distortion. They're also surprised to be greeted by apoptosis, save for Promestein who remarks that it is natural for them to spawn as bringing in the castle created a cross-world contact. They're also surprised to see some of equipment from Lars' world lying around, and decide to keep their eyes open should more equipment from other worlds be scattered around. As they progress, they find out a note from Dr Yui (a scientist from Kazuya's world and comparable to Promestein) telling them that she sent some equipment for them after Mukuro's emergency systems triggered.

They also face and beat Musette, Bell and Lyla, forcing them to retreat and give up temporarily on their plan of world domination. When the Cursed Sword Trio steps in again, the heroes are supported by the Lilith Sisters (Alice route) or the three Second Generation Seraph (Ilias Route) who clear the way for them.

After a long marathon of nine impressively long floors, the party meets Fulbeua again. She's standing on the throne that blocks the way to Est, the queen of dreams. They face her again and successfully beat her down, saying that it's probably destiny that brought all the heroes here. Fulbeua herself sneers upon hearing that remark. The next instant, Kazuya ominously tells Luka that "she's lying".

The party eventually reaches the room and sees the White Rabbit, who tells them that the other version of her they have to free is in the room right next to her. When Luka hesitates, Kazuya calls out the "White Rabbit" on her trap, and forces her to reveal herself as Daji. The party then beats the nine-tailed kitsune, who opens them a portal to the "Land of Nights" where Est is waiting. However, more Nightmares spawn in to attack the party before they can step in. Fortunately, Tamamo No Mae/Raphaela steps in as the "Land of Nights" is a threat that they can no longer afford to ignore.

When they finally reach the "Land of Nights", the party is shocked to see all those succubi raping men who fell in Est's dreams, but they're determined to bring it to an end. Eventually, they meet Est herself, who tells them that she did all that simply for the sake of pleasure. The party then engage her in a fight. However, as a Nightmare, she feeds on the pleasure used to attack her, and she knocks out everyone save for the seven heroes bearing the Proof of Collaboration. The party then beats her once and for all and close the portal. Est is happy she got to enjoy such fine pleasures, and asks the heroes if they did enjoy it too. In any case, she bids farewell and leave the party, saying that she hopes she will get to taste more of those pleasure soon.

In the post-collab, it's revealed that the castle is still accessible in Grand Noah, although only to the heroes as they have a connection to the place. Gilgorn and Fulbeua are waiting there to be fought again and recruited, the former needing an artifact acquired during the recruitment of the Succubus Prison trio and the latter protected behind a reality barrier. The castle can then be explored to finish recruiting Nightmares and to get other special items missed the first time. It is also possible to jump back into Daji's trap, but there is no reason to do so.

Map of the Area

First and Second Floor (chapter 8)

Underground (chapter 9)

Gilgorn (chapter 10)

Assault (chapter 12)

Land of Nights (Chapter 12 final)


Chapter 8

  • Elemental Robe
  • Great Pirate Helm
  • Glory Armor
  • Aegis
  • Aphrodite's Lips
  • Jibril
  • Grand Wizard
  • Angel Gi
  • Angel Cross
  • Crimson Hood
  • Idea Prism

Chapter 9

  • Lordly Robe
  • Prism Sword:Fire
  • Succubus Slayer Talisman
  • Mini-Ribbon
  • Glory Armor
  • Super-Armored Plating
  • Strike Dragon
  • Climax Guard
  • Gold Hair Ornament
  • Elemental Circlet
  • Princess Guard (Hidden room south of red carpet)
  • Flame Breastplate
  • Chaos Circlet
  • Frost Lord
  • Pleasure Tome
  • Mysterious Bikini
  • Tiger Helm
  • Zantetsuken
  • Artisan's Necklace
  • Spirit Fan
  • Zeal Ring
  • Magical Shield
  • Meteor Armor
  • Meteor Shield

Chapter 10

  • Climax Guard
  • Royal Crown
  • Secret Physical Tome
  • Supreme Sex Toy Scroll
  • Angel's Leotard
  • Ribbon

Chapter 12

Floor 1:

  • Dragon Stone
  • Shadow Shield
  • Night Sky Belt
  • Rending Rod Ebiru

Floor 2:

  • Lusty Fox's Hairclip
  • Crescent Cider
  • Vintage Tunic

Floor 3:

  • Bishamonten's War Clothes
  • Lampas Whip
  • Cane of Wisdom
  • Angelic Guard

Floor 4:

  • Black Cat's Bone
  • Ruling Crown (side room)
  • Assault Unit PoN-10
  • Lord of Death Card

Floor 5:

  • Rear-Mark 42
  • Crashing Dragon Fang
  • Shining Helm

Floor 6

  • Arm Strengthening Unit M-e
  • Devil's Hairband
  • Byeollungum

Floor 7

  • Oni's Sake Gourd
  • Zero-dimension Expansion Device -> MTTK Special
  • Lusty Fox's Robe

Floor 8

  • Crypty Ribbon
  • Peerless Prayer Beads
  • Alice Card

Floor 9

  • Hate Slayer
  • Skanda's Geta
  • Mucus Cream

Floor 10

  • Slave Collar
  • Love Pendant
  • Rigeo's☆Parasol

Land of Night 1

  • Crypty Dress

Land of Night 2

  • Vorpal Sword
  • Winged Demon's Armor

Land of Night 3

  • Banquet Dress
  • Hat of the Sun God
  • Warped Rod of Justice

Land of Night Epicenter

  • Six Soul Banner
  • Gambanteinn


Ball Room (chapter 8)

Item Price
Prism Sword 30000G
Prism Ninja Sword 28000G
Prism Claws 28000G
Prism Hammer 32000G
Prism Rod 28400G
Prism Whip 32000G
Prism Harp 27600G
Prism Fan 27000G
Blessed Miko Clothes 4600G
Buddha Gi 7600G
Prism Armor 20000G
Dragon Robe 8400G
Prism Helm 15000G
Prism Circlet 11000G
Blessed Veil 14000G
Lightweight Shield 220G
Prism Shield 17600G

Underground (chapter 9-10)

Item Price
Prism Sword 30000G
Prism Ninja Sword 28000G
Prism Claws 28000G
Prism Hammer 32000G
Prism Rod 28400G
Prism Whip 32000G
Prism Harp 27600G
Prism Fan 27000G
Blessed Miko Clothes 4600G
Buddha Gi 7600G
Prism Armor 20000G
Dragon Robe 8400G
Prism Helm 15000G
Prism Circlet 11000G
Blessed Veil 14000G
Lightweight Shield 220G
Prism Shield 17600G
Item Price
High-Quality Herb 100G
Phoenix Tail 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Eye Drops 15G
Echo Grass 20G
Restorative 20G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Lucky Mallet 30G
Holy Water 30G
Gold Needle 30G
De-Love Potion 40G


  • The real chest in the Mimic room is the second from the right in the middle line.


  • "Château des Romances" is French for "Castle of Romances"