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Cave of Treasures (秘宝の洞窟, Hihō no Dōkutsu) is a location in the first part of Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG.


Came here searching for treasure? That’s okay as a lot of treasure hunters do, but beware of the local Medas, Two-Tailed Silver Kitsunes, Two-Tailed GeishasSpider Girls and Mimics that call these caves home. Perhaps in its depths you’ll find the mother lode or maybe vast piles of gold… Nanabi is fought here as a Boss, and Luka is saved by the mysterious Alice the 17th. When Tamamo comes out and is revealed to be a fake projection, her lieutenant is shocked and can be recruited should she be beaten accordingly.

Map of the Area

Small Medal Locations

Treasure Chests


  • Mimic, Red Chest
  • Furry Tail, Red Chest
  • Blue Robe, Blue Chest (Requires Lockpick I)
  • Earth Stone, Red Chest
  • Mimic, Red Chest
  • Water Stone, Red Chest
  • Strong Hoof, Red Chest


  • Coral Helm, Red Chest
  • Spider Silk, Red Chest
  • Strike Rod, Red Chest
  • Dark Stone, Red Chest
  • Mimic, Red Chest
  • Seed of Skill, Red Chest
  • Code of Bishop, Red Chest
  • Ripple Staff, Red Chest
  • Small Medal, Red Chest
  • Ocean Shield, Red Chest
  • Rapier Scroll, Red Chest
  • 2500 Gold, Red Chest
  • Golden Tiara, Red Chest
  • Tempting Blade, Red Chest
  • Seed of Fortune, Red Chest
  • Death Scythe, Red Chest
  • Poseidon’s Bell, Red Chest
  • Force Ring, Green Chest (Requires Lockpick II)