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Cave of Treasures (秘宝の洞窟 Hihou no doukutsu) is a location in Monster Girl Quest. It is a cave to the east of Iliasport that is said to contain the treasure of the legendary pirate Selene.

Consequently, this place is targeted by treasure hunters and other thugs in search of fortune. However, the fear of traps push most of them back.


Luka visits the cave after receiving information from Amira that the cave might contain the Poseidon Bell, a legendary item said to allow any ship to steer through the roughest of storms. Since there is currently one blocking his route courtesy of Alma Elma, he decides to explore the place.

Luka gets surprised by seeing a lost kitsune, and after sealing her, he saves her from a spider who attempted to eat her. After sealing several other monsters, he eventually encounters Nanabi. The seven-tailed kitsune use a sleeping spell on Luka to finish him, but the latter accidentally awaken to his angelic power and seal his opponent. Afterward, Tamamo comes out to see her companions sealed, but doesn't take any hostile actions, considering it is a good lesson for her kitsunes. Thanking Luka for saving the trainee, she offers him a personnal favor between thin fried tofu, touching one of her fluffy tails, and the much-needed Poseidon's Bell.

Location of Treasure Cave on map of Ilias continent.


  • The location of the cave is tagged on the northeastern part of the continent, but in Monster Girl Quest Paradox it is located in the north-west.