"The monster race with the highest magical power and intelligence. Yoma are strong and utilize magnificent rapier skills. Their magical prowess is often put to use in fire magic, roasting their enemies alive. They wear heavy armor and have no particular weaknesses."

HP: 110% MP: 110% SP: 100%
Attack: 110% Defense: 110% Magic: 110%
Willpower: 110% Agility: 120% Dexterity: 105%

Equip: Clothes, Armor, Heavy Armor, Robes, Dresses, Skimpy, Hats, Helmets, Heavy Helmets, Fancy Caps Bucklers, Shields, Heavy Shields

Skills: Rapiers, Black Magic, Dark, Demon Arts.

Passive: Rapier Booster 20%, Res Fire 50%, Null Burn

Can evolve into High Yoma, Noble Yoma, Holy Yoma, Divine Yoma, Bestial Yoma, Feral Yoma and Sphinx.

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