Location of Yamatai Village on map

Location of Yamatai Village on map of Noah region.

Yamatai Village (ヤマタイ村 Yamatai Mura) is a settlement in the far East within the Noah region, its geographical location and general culture reminiscent of feudal Japan. Due to this it is quite disconnected from the rest of the world (evident in their unusual outlook on life) and the fact that the area is surrounded by mountains.

Being somewhat set apart from the rest of the world, they don’t seem to have knowledge of the Ilias faith. Instead, their religion seems more based on the folklore which surrounds the monsters, certain kinds of monsters also seem to be worshipped on a level that the humans in the village have set up various shrines and they seem to refer to these monsters by terms of their animal basis rather than their species name, kitsune being named foxes, lamias as snakes and nekomatas as cats. The worship is so ingrained that such monsters are always referred to formally and with the utmost respect. Even showing an inch of malice towards any of these monsters is frowned upon and is considered to be folly.

Generally the shrines house their respective monsters if they are present, Tamamo of the Four Heavenly Knights also hails from this village (“This is my home”) and she likes frequenting the Fox Shrine to bask in the attention and be treated to her beloved fried tofu (“All I need to do is sit here and the villagers give me delicious fried tofu!”).

Other folklore seems to revolve around monsters such as the Yuki-onna and the dreaded Yamata no Orochi who demands a sacrifice every year. Towards the end of Luka's stay in the village the Yamata no Orochi is sealed and taken care of in the Snake Shrine to reflect on her actions, while a local asks about setting up a shrine for Ilias, albeit under the mistaken name of Ill-Ass.

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