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The Three Charms is one of the game involved in the Collaboration Scenario. Several characters from the game are present in Paradox and serves as enemies and allies, while characters from Paradox makes an appearance in one of the Three Charms' stories.

The game itself uses RPGMaker. The player controls Hakunen, a young monk boy searched to learn from Daimyokai, a rumoredly powerful yokai hunter who's currently travelling on the mountain of Mahobora. However, the peaceful man ends up meeting Magatsu, the yokai guardian of the mountain who gives him three different body-binding charms to allow him to escape any yokais on the way.

In Paradox

The following characters appear in Paradox

-Hakunen, the protagonist. He's a monk whose peace-loving ways and meek personality betray impressive skills in martial arts.

-Spirit Foxes, hedonisitc kitsunes who enjoy nothing more than partying.

-Magatsu, a powerful and wise oni who's training Hakunen simply for her own entertainment.

-Daimyokai, a skilled but overly greedy and stubborn yokai hunter.

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