Succubus Village
Location of Succubus Village on map

Location of Succubus Village on map of Gold Region.

The Succubus Village is a village within the Gold Region. Despite its name, it is not filled with Succubi; instead, every century an event known as the "Purple Sabbath" takes place, where succubi flock to the village to rape its inhabitants, or so it was said. In reality, there are several "senior succubi" disguised as normal human women who transform the villagers into succubus. The inhabitants of the Succubus Village try to flee before the Purple Sabbath occurs, although some are unable to leave due to poverty or are just unwilling to and want to get raped.

Luka arrives at the Succubus Village after hearing about it by an old woman within Grangold. There, he meets a prostitute, two farmer sisters, a bunch of men trying to fight the succubi or get raped, an odd soothsayer, and the suspicious village chief.
Heading to the inn to wait overnight, Alice informs Luka the truth behind the Purple Sabbath. Luka wonders if Alma Elma might show up, but Alice doubts it. Once again unconcerned, the lamia leaves and Luka drifts off into sleep.
Having overslept by accident, Luka starts rushing around the city, locating succubi. He defeats the prostitute Maccubus, the younger farmer girl Mincubus, the older farmer girl Lencubus, and comes to suspicions with the village chief. He is then opted to ask her about the current situation, or directly confront her knowing her true identity.
If he asks her, she recognizes his lack of intelligence. If he confronts her, she reveals her true form. Either way, the succubus chief and the soothsayer reveal to be senior succubi and while normally the Purple Sabbath is the succubization of human women, this time is the revival of Lilith & Lilim. The soothsayer exits while the Succubus Chief tries to extract Luka semen for the ritual (although greed and lust overcomes her and says she wants it all to herself).
Luka defeats the chief, then the Succubus Witch, however the latter uses the remainder of her energy to revive Lilith & Lilim. The two elderly succubi from 500 years ago are summoned, stepping forth into the world once again. As Luka draws his weapon, they recognize the Angel Halo, the very thing that sealed them. They also realize that Luka is a descendant of Heinrich.
After resealing them, Luka tries to assist the fallen men. Alice reappears and uses her magic to revitalize them, also unintentionally unsealing the succubi. The lustful demons state they don't want to fight anymore; they're obviously no match for Luka. Their real plan was to create a haven for their own race (since human women dislike them for some reason, most likely out of envy and competition). Fortunately, the drained human men are touched by their story and agree to coexist as Succubi and Human Livestock.

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