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Succubus Prison: House of the Lewd Demons is a game where the character must escape three deadly succubi who wants to have fun with him until he die. The three antagonists appear in the Collab Scenario as they play a twisted game in Finoa while feeding on the village's inhabitants, and are the keys opponents in chapter 2, 6 and 8. They are:

  • Myusca: A succubus who looks like a schoolgirl and enjoy the taste of preys falling into despair. She ended up acquiring the proof of collaboration by killing the "hero" from their world before the beginning of the collab. She is the one who organized the twisted game.
  • Nemea : A succubus who acts motherly and prefers young, vulnerable preys but is just as deadly as the others.
  • Vinum : A succubus who looks young but is actually the oldest and the most powerful of the trio. She acts disinterested, and while it looks like she may want nothing more than to corrupt heroes, she also considers herself as a guardian for the brash Myusca.

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