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Succubi are a monster race who have quite an independent, nomadic nature, having no fixed place to call home. In general the Succubi who live outside of Hellgondo live in disguise to avoid persecution from followers of the Goddess Ilias.

Notable members are the current queen, Alma Elma, the legendary queens from 500 years ago, Lilith & Lilim, and the Six Ancestor and progenitor of all Succubi, Minagi. While Alma Elma shows absolutely no concern for her species, Torotoro's blog stated the succubus race generally have no qualms about not having a leader, due to their desire to be independent. Urban succubi, such as the Succubus Village, also prefer self-government over a mighty queen's reign.

Succubi are usually physically defined by demonic horns, tails and bat-like wings, however their biology seems to go a lot further than that. It is shown that Succubi are able to secrete powerful pheromones, radiate seductive auras and morph their body internally, providing a variety of techniques that purely revolve around their internal movements and internal design which can either punish a human or continually drain him in a never-ending ejaculation. It has even been shown that their tails and belly buttons can morph into a variety of orifices to drain men.

Interestingly, Succubi seem to only need human semen and spirit energy as a source of food, there has been no example of the monsters breeding directly with humans. However, they do seem to create new generations in a different way, they can use their voluptuous powers to turn human women into fellow Succubi, this is further aided when certain magical powers boost their own.

When feeding on humans they tend to drain them to their deaths by taking in all their semen and their souls. However, after Luka takes on Lilith & Lilim at the Succubus Village they agree not to kill their "livestock" and only drain them until they are severely weak, not that this is seen as a problem for the men.

Apart from draining semen, Succubi can use their unique biology to drain out other properties, such as Levels in the form of "Power", SP along with HP.

A variety of succubus-based attacks have names based on the Latin language (in the English translation at least), however, when transposed they seem to have no correlation to the attack itself, for instance Lilith & Lilim Ritus Ani apparently translates to "Of The Anal" though the attack is foot based.
However, the more powerful succubi generally use these attacks and it is supposed that these are ancient arts of succubus origin, indeed it is shown that the Succubi view sex as not only a means to feed, but an art form in itself, one that they express with much freedom and passion.

Goddess Ilias states to detest the succubi the most among all monsters, as they drown in pleasure and make a mockery of life itself. It is also said that Minagi is her most hated monster.


Succubi introduced in the collaboration scenario of the second part of Paradox. These succubi originate from the Land of Night, and have a radically different nature than their earthly cousins. Mentally, they're perfectly alike if not even more turned toward sex. However, for a reason, their body only acknowledge pleasure techniques: All other attacks harmlessly pass through them, and the only way to defeat them is to satisfy them so that they either stop attacking or return to the Land of Night.

Known Nightmares include Lilin, Mare, Rigeo, Fulbeua and the Queen of Dreams, Est.

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