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Spirits include monsters and other creatures that are intricate parts of a given element. They possess more control over their respective element than anyone save for what the strongest being can hope to achieve.

The original trilogy introduced the Four Spirits, namely:

  • Sylph: A fairy with an active personality that is the spirit of wind. This personality results her getting comically beat up by the other spirits.
  • Gnome: An extremely quiet and shy girl that is the spirit of earth. Due to her being untalkative, her personality is mysterious.
  • Undine: A slime/mermaid-looking creature that is the spirit of water. She has a gentle and calm personality but initially despised humans for polluting waters and making them uninhabitable to slimes.
  • Salamander: The prideful and wild spirit of fire. She acknowledges those who can defeat her and even mentored Granberia and Luka.

They accompany Luka and provide him with their power, allowing him to take on more powerful foes and become stronger, faster, more agile temporarily when he summons them. He also occasionally discusses with them about the current events.

Part 3 sees the introduction of the Artificial Four Spirits, creations of Promestein gifted to loyal servants of Black Alice to enhance their skills against Luka. The angel scientist later reveals that she intended to use them to replace the Four Spirits and get rid of the latter ones without throwing the world into disarray.

Monster Girl Quest: Paradox saw the return of the Four Spirits, even if their role is less preponderant than in the original game. The game also sees the introduction of Nuruko, a strange scylla-like monster found in Tartarus who, at the end of part 2 on Alice's route, is revealed to be the Spirit of Chaos, the primordial element of the world. She helps the hero against Sonya and Adramelech before returning to her smaller form.

Furthermore, TTR's blog presented four different spirits in a post the 24th December 2019. Those spirits are those managing the elements in the Monster World, and it is not known yet why the four classic ones are missing. They are:

  • Ambrosia, the silent spirit of wind
  • Loa, the playful spirit of earth
  • Ghatanothoa, the torrential spirit of the water
  • Grimoire, the reserved spirit of fire

The only noteworthy information is that each spirit has the personality of its counterpart's polar opposite.


  • It is often theorized that as the first borns of their natural element, Alipheese the First and Ilias are the spirits of darkness and light respectively. At the beginning of part 3 during her exposition sequence, Micaela tells Luka that they're both darkness and light incarnate respectively.

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