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Slimes are a race of monsters mainly composed of water that are led by Erubetie of the Four Heavenly Knights and descended from Kanade of the Six Ancestors. Using their physical make-up they can achieve many things which other monsters cannot. This ranges from rejuvenation, body alteration, internal flows and changes in the composition of their slime among other skills. As they are not solid, their whole body is essentially an orifice and at the same time lacking in them, simply enveloping the "important" parts of their catch and manipulating the slime inside their bodies to make him ejaculate.

On the whole, it is suggested that slimes procreate through division, and need semen as some form of catalyst. They seem to have unique textures and temperatures but due to the fact that most are based around water they are all highly susceptible to changes in the environment which they are usually adapted to.

When in Undine’s Spring, it is said by Erubetie that the slime race is becoming less and less populated due to the fact that the water around them is being polluted by humanity. This is to say that the slimes cannot live in just any climate, but ones with moist conditions. Erubetie seems to be the only exception to this rule, however as she is a gestalt being formed from many slimes and monsters, she not only carries around a huge amount of magical power but is very much on the borderline of being classed as a slime herself.

Slime techniques are usually very simple as attacks generally involve invading or enveloping their prey in their own mass, as the latter is a more reliable way of capturing their food they have a tendency to keep their prey in their body for future feeding. Slimes are also capable of dissolving flesh and bone with their body, and may consume humans this way for their own sadistic enjoyment. Some slimes also have additional abilities, as a Heavenly Knight, Erubetie throws around considerable magical power which can reverse aging and has the ability to divide at will. Green Slime also shows an ability to flood the area with her slime despite being quite small.

According to some sources, Slimes that carry a pink color are carnivorous, although there are exceptions such as the Bunny Slime, who acquired her color by eating carrots. Also, the density of their color varies depending on how much of their digestive enzymes they have utilized.

They are generally weak to vibration attacks and superheat. Any slime that comes into contact with a vibrating object or high temperatures results the mass losing contact from their core body due to their cells being cut and killed. However, some slimes like Lava Girl thrive in heat and actually live in lavas. Thus, Amphisbaena is the ultimate anti-slime weapon.

Despite being a race on the verge of extinction and not being as notorious as some other monster races, they are definitely not monsters to be trifled with, even Jelly Girl.

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