Skills are special abilities used by Luka and various other monsters. In this game, they are limited through a function called Skill Points (SP).

SP is acquired by normal attacking, and every skill requires 1 to 4 of those SP again to be able to use them.

There are multiple distinct categories of skills that are used by the player:

  • Cursed Sword: This category of skills consists of swordsman techniques mainly used by monsters, notably Granberia. Luka gradually learns these skills from Alice and the Four Spirits throughout Chapter 1 and 2.
  • Angelic Skills: Sealed by the Keepsake Ring until Chapter 3, Luka possesses the destructive, raw power of angels inherited from his mother, the Seraphim Lucifina.
  • Other: These skills do not fall under any definitive category, and are mostly used by Luka's companions, notably Alice, throughout Chapter 3.
  • Spirit Summons: Summons one or all of the Four Spirits to aid Luka and enhance his abilities. Spirits can be used in tandem at the end of Ch. 3, SP cost 1-4.

Monsters also have skills that fall under categories, known as Sexual/Pleasure, Physical, or Magical Skills. However, the skills used by each monster are exclusively unique to them as they often have completely different names, even though the execution of such skills can be identical to one another.


All the skills and their cost obtained at the end of Chapter 2

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