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The Six Ancestors are the hereditary line behind all the monsters and the very first offset images of Alice I. Six selective primitive creatures were chosen to be mutated by Alice I's dark power, thus creating the Six Ancestors. They are the ancestors of every single monster, aside from the Monster Lords who are direct descendants of Alice I. Although the original Monster Girl Quest trilogy only has Tamamo appearing and makes a few references to Minagi and one to Hiruko, the rest are slated to appear in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Their identities are:

  • Tamamo no Mae: The ancestor of all animal monsters. Entrusted by Alice I to monitor the Monster Lord bloodline, Tamamo is currently the only one of the Six Ancestors active in the present day, serving as the Monster Lord's surrogate mother, the queen of the Kitsune race, and a member of the Four Heavenly Knights. In the second part of Paradox, it is revealed she softened a great deal after being sealed, and developed the motherly figure she has in the original universe. In ancient times, she was utterly cruel and manipulated kingdoms to destroy themselves and fed on its inhabitants.
  • Minagi: The ancestor of all Succubi monsters, also known as the "Great Whore of Babylon". She is infamous for sending the sexual excitement of human males to the extreme and is even the most hated monster to Goddess Ilias.
  • Hiruko: The ancestor of all Scylla monsters. Despite her young appearance, she boasts extreme raw power from her countless tentacles and abnormal organs within her body.
  • Kanade: The ancestor of all Slime monsters. Being the ultimate slime gives her immense durability, and her greed and gluttony knows no bounds as she captures and drains her human livestock all for herself.
  • Kanon: The ancestor of all Plant monsters. She is the most cruel of the six, using her carnivorous plants to digest her prey to her delight.
  • Saja: The ancestor of all Lamia and Harpy monsters. She is arrogant and, like all Lamias, she will relentlessly cling to a man she likes and make him her sexual slave. She acted as the direct right hand of Alice I, and it is theorized that she could have been the second monster lord.

In the aftermath of the Great Monster Wars that happened 1,000 years prior, Goddess Ilias tricked them into sealing themselves into what was known as the Six Ancestors Great Seal. She then tried to erase any information pertaining to the Six Ancestors, which is why no human, not even Luka, has ever heard of their existence. In present day, Promestein studied and managed to create a duplicate that can seal Alice XVI. but was partially foiled when Tamamo taught Alice a skill in how to escape the seal, albeit in a weaker form because the seal's strength is based on the target's strength, and later teaches her how to temporarily regain her full power for a very short while. It is later revealed that the true purpose of Promestein's Six Ancestors Great Seal is to seal Ilias herself, but unknowingly to Promestein, it turns out to be all a part of Ilias's calculated plan. It is also later revealed that Tamamo partially escaped the seal in the exact same way Alice XVI did.

All of the six ancestors' names (玉藻, 魅凪, 蛭蟲, 禍撫, 華音, 沙蛇) notably consist of two kanji letters.


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