Side Quests are a variety of optional objectives not necessary to complete the game but may offer their own rewards. Due to it's linear nature, the original Monster Girl Quest did not have much to offer in terms of side quests except achievements, several Area optional but intended areas and the Hero's Proof, although technically it's an achievement too. Most achievements weren't even quests except for things like discover the author of the Legend of the Hero Luka and the optional areas weren't hidden and were linear so once started you couldn't mess up aside from dying, leaving the Hero's Proof as the only quest necessitating a guide, whereas Monster Girl Quest: Paradox's open world nature makes side quests much easier to implement but more confusing because you're not railroaded to the ending.

The sidequests available are tracked by Amira in the Pocket Castle and the bulletin's board. So if you think you missed a sidequest, go talk to her.

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